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Bus conductor Preview

Bus conductor Peview
Mammooty, Namitha, Jayasurya, Bhavana, Innocent, Salim Kumar,Indrans
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Bus Conductor

Bus conductor

Thursday, January 1, 1970 • മലയാളം Comments

It is always interesting to note Mammooty's choice of films. He has managed such a sterling career by being able to mix and match his roles.

Mammooty never type casts himself. His success is as much due to his acting talent as it is due to his skill in choosing the right characters. By this ploy, Mammooty has been able to keep the audience interested in him.

After CBI Diary Kurippu 4, he chose Rajamanickam where he plays a coarse villager. But now he is moving to a character that is pretty close to all ----a bus conductor.

And it is being said that it is also a character close to his natural self --- a self-effacing man of the masses.

In Bus Conductor, he plays Kunjacka, a typical bus conductor in one of the many private buses that careen across the banana peel of roads in Kerala. The story is situated in the Malabararea.

The story revolves around grease-lined life of drivers and the whistle-blown times of conductors. As director Vinu puts it, the story is a warm slice of life one.

To get the real filament of realism running all through, many real-life drivers and conductors have been sought out to act in the film.

Others in the cast include Nikhita, Mamta, Bhavana, Jayasurya and Indrans.

Vinu is known to handle sentimental films adroitly. He has given hits like Balettan and Vesham.

Writer T A Razak is said to have interacted with real transport sector worker and come up with a hardy and earthy script. The backdrop (of RTO Office, cleaners, fuel) is so real authentic that you may come out smelling of grease and diesel.