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Chaitanya on 'Yuddham', marriage, next movies
Thursday, September 7, 2017 • Telugu Comments

Naga Chaitanya refuses to describe 'Yuddham Sharanam' as an actioner.  Saying that it's more intelligent than an action-based thriller, Chay talks about working with his best friend (Krishna Marimuthu), why Sai Korrapati is a special producer, his up-and-coming movies, and more.

Can we say that 'YS' is a crime-thriller with loads of action?

Firstly, 'Yuddham Sharanam' is not a mere thriller.  It has got everything that the Telugu audience expects from an entertainer.  We took enough care to have family emotions and a nice love story.

It's thrilling in the sense that a twist plays out every 10 minutes.

We are packaging the movie more as an intelligent flick rather than an actioner.  There comes a fight sequence in the climax, about which I don't want to talk much as of now.

Tell us about your character in the movie.

My character is into making drones.  Drones are these days being used in various fields, especially defence.  They are being employed in media as well.

The time frame within which the entire second half takes place is 24 hours. And many scenes were shot in night effect.  The twists and the screenplay will definitely be lapped up by the youth.

Don't such intelligent films take more than usual time to be shot?

Actually, we could shoot 'YS' in a matter of 60-65 days.  That was possible because pre-production was thoroughly done.  A year was spent, during which improvisations to the script were effected.

Krishna Marimuthu is the best buddy, working with whom was like a dream come true.  Collaborating with a friend can ensure a different kind of output.

We are not hearing much about Srikanth's role.  What kind of an antagonist is he?

Srikanth garu's role will be talked-about after the movie's release.  I am glad he accepted to do the negative role.  I am privileged to have got to work with him.

Rao Ramesh garu and Revathi garu too are very special for the movie.  As for Lavanya, you know that she accepts only content-based movies. She has a prime of place in the second half.

What is your experience of teaming up with Sai Korrapati?

He elevated the film's span by taking some important decisions.  He is always keen on promoting new talent, which is why it was possible for many newcomers to do 'YS'.  About 70 per cent of the technicians are new.  Moreover, they are aged below 30.

SS Rajamouli's son, Karthikeya, is the film's line producer.  What was his contribution?

Usually, a line producer only takes care of cost-cutting and co-ordination, but Karthikeya's knowledge of the script made him go the extra mile.  He surely made everyone very happy.

How has it been touring various colleges over the last few days?

It has been great.  It has been an energy-boosting thing.  We were received so well at a women's college in Bheemavaram.  I have stood outside a woman's college but never entered into it.  This was the first time.  (Laughs).

So, what about your "simple wedding"?

I am a simple guy.  The Oct wedding will be as per the Telugu tradition.  The next day, a Christian wedding ceremony will happen.  Both of them will be simple ceremonies in Goa.  Dad will host a grand reception later.

When is 'Savyasachi' being taken to the sets?  And when is Maruthi's film happening?

'Savyasachi', to be directed by Chandoo Mondeti, will be shot from Sept 20 onwards (which is ANR's birthday).  The title is because my character's left hand is very strong (he is an ambidextrous guy) and it doesn't listen to what the brain says.  Maruthi's film will happen when we are ready with a story.