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'Chakali Ailamma' Film Ready For Release
Monday, November 11, 2013 • Telugu Comments

Razakars' and Deshmukhs' atrocities and the Telangana Rebellion against them were subject for several stories, novels and poems till the 70's. Even in films like 'Maa Bhoomi', the struggle for existence and survival was so poignantly depicted on screen. While the Naxalbury movement continued to take an important role till the mid and late nineties, it gradually died down with the wave of hero centric subjects taking over the proceedings. It was after 2008-09 again that some attempts to portray the Telangana movement started happening, of a completely current scenario though.

Telangana Warrior ‘Chakali Ailamma’ who revolted against the feudal landlord Visnoor Deshmukh to save her four acres of land will be remembered as a landmark in the Telangana struggle and became an inspiration for thousands of those in the Vetti Chakiri Udyamam in Telangana.

The story of Ailamma is now being filmed with the title ‘Chakali Ailamma’. Directed by Miriyala Ravi, title role is being played by Preethi Nigam. The film is all set to hit the screens soon and was screened for Telangana stalwarts.

Director N Shankar said ‘Ailamma stood out as an inspiration for many revolutionists in Telangana’. Srinivasa Goud said ‘Ailamma proved that you can save or gain anything by fighting’. Manavatha Roy and Rosham Balu also participated in the event.

Camera: Kota Tirupathi Reddy; Music: Ramesh Mukkera; Co-Produced by: Vasamshetty Venkateshwara Rao, Bolla Vikramaditya Reddy; Presented by: Bolla Somi Reddy.