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'Chakra' is going to thrill the audience: Vishal

Thursday, February 18, 2021 • Telugu Comments

Chakra is going to thrill the audience: Vishal

Action hero Vishal and director MS Anandan's 'Chakra' is hitting the screens on February 19 in multiple languages. Touted to boast of the best technical standards, the cyber-crime thriller has music by Yuvan Shankar Raja. In this interview, Vishal talks about 'Chakra', its premise, what to expect from it and more.

Audiences in Telugu and Tamil have always seen you as your own. It's a rare thing. How does it feel?

I feel proud that I have been accepted by the audiences of both languages. Sometimes, I well up emotionally thinking about it. I debuted in movies in 2004. My heartfelt thanks to the audience for being with me since then.

Coming to 'Chakra', what is the huge release about and what is the title justification?

The film will be releasing in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi. The hero's father is given the coveted Ashok Chakra by the Government of India. A few unknown thieves rob him of Ashok Chakra. The film highlights the bravery of the Indian soldiers who have received Ashok Chakra. That's why the title.

The premise looks interesting. The climax of thrillers is always awaited. What about your film?

The last 10 minutes of 'Chakra' are going to be thrilling. I am sure the audience are going to connect with it big-time.

There have been murmurs that 'Chakra' is a sequel to 'Abhimanyudu'. Is it true?

Not at all. There are only three similarities between 'Chakra' and that film. Like 'Abhimanyudu', 'Chakra' is a cyber-thriller. The second one is that both films portray what is happening in our society without filters. The third one is that I am a military officer in both films.

What is unique about 'Chakra'?

When we google about someplace, we see that details/ads related to that tourist place are received on our phone in some or the other form. We see that ads related to best deals and best hotels are regularly seen on our social media pages. This means that someone knows what we are looking up on the Internet and what we want. Then there are frauds related to lottery claims, etc. A number of gullible individuals have been duped of their hard-earned monies. We have to be vigilant about all this.

What kind of research went into 'Chakra'?

When someone is making a film on sensitive issues like cyber-crimes, the research has to be diligent. Only what is possible and what happens in society have to be shown. There is no place for imagination because there is a chance that people will be paranoid. Even before he narrated the story to me, director MS Anandan had done due research. When I listened to the narration, I felt like whistling twice.

How about the making style of MS Anandan?

I usually take three days or so to say okay. But, in the case of 'Chakra', my nod was immediate. I didn't think twice even though Anandan is a new director. the making values are fresh. I am happy to have introduced a talented filmmaker like him under Vishal Film Factory.

Isn't this your 10th movie with music director Yuvan Shankar Raja?

He is my best friend. I see him as my own brother. I go to the extent of fighting with him to make him work on my movie. A new director like Anandan needed the support of a senior technician like Yuvan. Besides some nice songs, Yuvan has given amazing RR.

What are your next projects?

In 'Enemy', my best friend Arya is playing my enemy. My directorial 'Abhimanyudu 2' will go on the floors soon. My film with newcomer Saravanan is going to be special. Saravanan has made short films in the past. I am planning to headline a straight Telugu film, which will release by next year Ugadi. Its pre-production works are already on.

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