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Chakram Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, March 26, 2005 • Telugu ]
Chakram Review
Gitachitra Intl.
Prabhas, Asin, Charmy
Krishna Vamsi
Sivaraju, Venkatraju

The biggest disadvantage to any film is over hype. Chakram is a victim of this syndrome.

On its own, the film, though not the most original in both idea and its execution, has its moments. But it certainly fails to match the expectations that Vamsi and Prabhas's hype.Otherwise, the film's biggest failing is a predictable story and an even more predictable treatment.

Chakram (Prabhas), who is in love with his fellow medical student Lakshmi (Asin) is about to get married to her. But on the day of the marriage, he does the vanishing act leaving Lakshmi and his father (Prakash Raj) wondering in unhappiness.

Meanwhile, Chakram surfaces in a colony in Hyderabad and gets down to solve the problems of the locals. His mission there is to spread the gospel of happiness. But when Lakshmi spots him, he poses as if he is in love with another girl (Charmy).

Want to know the reason why? You wouldn't; you can guess the most predictable of reasons. Any way, he does get away with that and till his end tries to help out people.

The film is quite simply a half-hearted hotchpotch of Anand, Kal Ho Na Ho and Premabhishekam.

On the acting front, Prabhas in a pared-down role is simply uncomfortable. It is all fine to talk about experimentation. But the young hero seems inadequate to the challenges.

The two heroines, Charmy and Asin, are indeed full of energy and pass muster in their roles. Asin's attempt in dubbing her own voice though welcome is not very satisfactory.

Prakash Raj again does his role with polish and style. The comedy segments do evoke a few ha-hahs.

The music of Chakri, especially the different-feel songs, is a major asset to the movie. The camera work is okay (but it is different to say who did what). Oorvasi is also adequate.

The screenplay is too slow and the narration just doesn't get into active mode. And the tone of the film is one of grating pontification. In this era of subtlety, it just won't work.

It is surprising that Vamsi should have chosen such an old theme for a film, which needs to revive his career.

Chakram just doesn't roll.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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