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Chal Bhaag Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, June 13, 2014 • Hindi ]
Chal Bhaag Review
Alimoh Films
Deepak Dobriyal, Keeya Khanna, Sanjay Mishra, Yashpal Sharma & Mukesh Tewari.
Prakash Saini
Mohammad Zaheer Mehdi, Fatima Zaheer Mehdi, Ali Mehdi, Tamkanat Ali Mehdi
Satish Kashyap, Satendra Riwari, Sanjay Pathak

What is it all about?

An engaging chemistry of action and fun B-town debut banner Alimoh Films `Chal Bhaag' is a comic `slap' to the fake police encounters that `sticks' to its duty to perform snaky twist and turns powered by delightful performances.

The Story

Writer Tarun Bajaj takes a simple way to tell the story of three men, Munna (Deepak Dobriyal) - a wannabe Don, Bunty (Tarun Bajaj -the writer himself) - street smart thief and Daler (Varun Mehra) a tadipar. These three land up in Jail for different reasons and surprisingly get charged for a crime they have not committed - murder of an MLA.

Facing death in their next step how Munna, Bunty and Varun trick the police and take shelter in the house of Kajari (Keeya Khanna) only to find themselves pawned in the dirty world of police, crime and politics finds the crux of the story..

Tarun takes a simple humorous approach to the proceedings which are fine for audiences looking only look for fun and entertainment in movies but considering the subject Tarun could have given his script some intense cinematic directions but never the less Tarun keeps it light and pacy especially when the three Munna, Bunty and Varun meet in Jail.

What to look out for

Director Prakash Saini (Ek Aadat, Meri Padosan) moves over from corny sensationalisms to acceptable and entertaining escapisms in `Chal Bhaag' though it is designed as a laughter but somewhere it does `winks' to the police fake encounter issue. Prakash Saini narration is simple, straight and to the point keeping his target audience in mind most of the time. With the help of his writer Prakash manages to get the required moments of fun on the run.

Sporting a razor locket Deepak Dobriyal gets into the skin of the character such roles are his strongholds and he excels. `Sharp' performance.

Keeya Khanna is pretty. Varun Mehra is a raw talent can be explored. Tarun is fine.

The character artists in Chal Bhaag deserve special mention especially Yashpal Sharma and Mukesh Tiwari as cops they bring the flavor of Delhi to the movie. Tarun Bajaj dialogues deserves credit for giving he Delhi/Haryanvi feel.

The brilliant Sanjay Mishra in a cameo leaves his mark.

On the technical front Hardik Singh Reen editing is crisp. Sameer Bhaskar cinematography is up to mark. Action by Shakil Sheikh is fine. Production values are satisfactory.

What not

It does suffers from some well known b-town cliches like things happening as per the convenience of the writer director like people popping up and leaving the scene at will. As said earlier the writer director had an intense topic to explore a thought provoking twist could have being given. Prakash Saini as the director could have come to the point earlier. The establishment of the three characters takes a slightly more time. Songs are strictly average.

Conclusion: `Chal Bhaag' is well acted, comically and economically timed pure desi fun on the run that humbly questions our policewala's misuse of gun. Go for it.

Rating ***

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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