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Chanti Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, November 15, 2004 • తెలుగు ]
Chanti Review
Raviteja, Charmi
Krishna Kishore

A good man against a bad man. A revenge remix. It is almost the essential leitmotif of Indian films. Chanti is no different.

It is about an honest military man against a corrupt MLA. The rest of the story is only a prop and difficult to guess anyway.

Chanti (Ravi Teja) is the ramrod straight military man. He comes to his village to attend the funeral of his father (Ranganath). But soon, the 5 acre land that he has becomes a bone of contention and ends up as the flash-point between him and the local MLA (Atul Kulkarni).

Continuing in the cliched vein, Chanti has a blind sister and he marries her off to his colleague Raja Ravindra.

The MLA who wants Chanti's land for his proposed factory is thirsting for revenge over the latter's rebuff. So he bumps off Chanti's brother-in-law. Chanti, by now, also realizes that the venal MLA had killed his father, too.

What follows is a mindless show of morbid mayhem. In between, the hero also falls in love (with Charmi) and sings a few mass numbers.

At the end of it all, you are forced to cry Chanti (The Zero).

There is nothing in the film that is worth recommending. The story is tacky, the acting corny and everything else is in between.

Ravi Teja is energetic but he is caught in the shallow waters of an insipid story and irrelevant screenplay. Charmi mouths some stupid double meaning lines and is wasted in a cardboard caricature of a role. Atul Kulkarni is as usual efficient. But his efforts are wasted in this mindless movie.

Soban, the director, is visible only in the title card.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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