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Charlie Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, January 11, 2016 • മലയാളം ]
Charlie Review
Dulquar Salman

An intense character, a good concept and storyline, talented actors on board, ‘Charlie’ had scope for a great narration.  There was everything in the movie that should have made Charlie (played by Dulquer) a cult character. However a larger than life projection of Charlie, an in your face narration style and romanticised camera angles have all jeopardized that possibility. In spite of this, ‘Charlie’ is very much an engaging movie. Unni R’s script and dialogues have helped in holding the movie together intact.

As ‘Charlie’ begins, there is this uneasy feel that the director is painstakingly trying to establish something. The artistic room which Tessa (Parvathy) rents, the very costumes of Tessa and Charlie, all those gimmicks to lend a mystery to Charlie’s aura as an elusive genie are all over the top. For a character who is like the breeze which goes wherever and however it pleases, Charlie has been portrayed as subtly as a raging storm! Though this anomaly persists, the viewers do get the essence of Charlie in the course of narration through those sequences involving Mary (Kalpana), Kala (Aparna Gopinath), the impromptu robbery, the old age home, Nedumudi Venu’s love story etc.

Charlie is very much lovable. He is one of those rare artistes whose presence people miss when absent, who people remembers even if encountered just once in life, who makes a difference to random people. Tessa’s quest to find this enigmatic person is what the movie is all about.  Though we are aware of the glitches in the narration at times, the sequences which unfold erase that unease.

This movie might not appeal to all and sundry. But ‘Charlie’ is sure to excite those who love the ‘unusual’. Director Martin Prakkat has tried to highlight the unusualness with that yellow marker adding all those commercial elements. Maybe he was doubtful about the ability of the audience to understand the movie. In doing so, he has compromised on that subtle artistry, which would have given a naturalness to the narrative. 

The lead actors Dulquer and Parvathy sizzles in their roles. Dulquer is intense as Charlie. There are certain mannerisms of his including the laugh and the tongue out that are unique. Only his drunk avatar seems a bit uncooked. Parvathy seems to have lost her bearings here and there. The supporting actors including Soubin, Nedumudi, Aparna Gopinath et al are good in their respective roles.  Camera angles by Jomon are very romanticised. Gopi Sunder’s music blends in with the narrative. Kudos to scriptwriter Unni R for conceiving such a movie. The taut dialogues, the ideology presented and sequences are the movies’ USP. Martin Prakkat had a very promising movie in his hands. A different perspective would have made this movie an all time classic. 

‘Charlie’ does keeps you glued to the seat with a very engaging storyline and content.  This movie sure is a winner and a must watch this festive season, which prompts you to live life free-spiritedly. Barring its narrative style, ‘Charlie’ is one movie which can be enjoyed whole heartedly.

Rating: 3.00 / 5.0

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