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Cheluvina Chittara Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, June 23, 2007 • Kannada ]
Cheluvina Chittara Review
Ganesh, Amoolya
Mano Murthy, Joshuva Sridhar

Reputed director S.Narayan makes a mistake once again by picking a wrong subject from Tamil film 'Kadhal' that is not suitable to the Kannada nativity. He has not learnt his lessons from his earlier debacle 'Thayiya Madilu'. Director of some of the top ranking films S.Narayan is not using his strength properly. A wafer thin story line in 'Cheluvina Chittara' with lot of unimportant situations looks very pathetic. It is a wrong choice for current winning horse Comedy Time Ganesh. This is a wasted effort.

An ordinary mechanic Madesha (Comedy Time Ganesh) is poverty stricken. Like how effortlessly he gets ready the two wheelers his life is not similar to it. He falls in love with school going affluent Aishwarya (Amoolya) and the reason for this love is not strong enough. Obviously it is opposed by the elders of Aishwarya family. According to audience expectations both of them run away from home. They get the help of Komal in the city and in the registrar office producing fake documents they get married. What happens later is the very strong opposition from Amoolya's parents. Beaten black and blue Madesha cries for release of his wife but on the other side Amoolya wish for safety of Madesha and she is ready to do anything for it. The parents of Amoolya ask her to remove the sacred Mangalasutra in exchange of Madesha's life. After two years we see on screen Madesha going mad. Amoolya with a child and husband is completely disturbed. Mad Madesha is given shelter in their house at the end.

Comedy Time Ganesh sitting at the peak of popularity from 'Mungaru Male' has made a very wrong choice. Lack of advisors for him or some compulsion has made him to accept this role that is not according to his image. Amoolya looks very sweet but the role is not according to her age. This is going to be a wrong signal for the girls of her age. Komal steals the show with his sacrificing nature. It is better for journalist Sureshchandra to stick to his original profession.

Manomurthy gives too good two original tunes - Ullasadha Yee Kshana (sung by Shreya Goshal) and Kanaso Idhu (sung by Sonu Nigam and Sunidhi chauhan). Janumadha Gelathi. by Joshwa Sridhar the original tune from Kadhal Tamil film is very impressive song. PKH Das camera work is pleasant in the outdoor locations.

No compulsion to watch this film.

Scoring - 5/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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