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China Warns India on Doklam Area Issue
Wednesday, July 5, 2017 • Hindi Comments

The ties between China and India just keep tensing up every day.

Situation near the Doklam border gets tensed up as China made an official statement about the China claimed that it had a basic consensus with Bhutan at the border.

Previously, the official spokesperson of China made a baffling statement saying “If India doesn’t step back, we might have to take extreme measures in order to conquer our land. The issue has been stressed enough and if India wants to take things this way, the situation of 1962 might arise again and this time…there will be no small talk” they warned.

However, the country seems to take back its statements as they released an official statement quickly after that saying

“I can say that we have been stressing that Doklam belongs to China since ancient times. It was under the effective jurisdiction of China without any dispute. China and Bhutan had about 24 rounds of boundary talks" says the Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang as the local news media questions about the situation.

“Although the boundary between the two countries is yet to be settled, we have basic consensus on the boundary and there is no dispute between both of us that Doklam belongs to China” he stresses.

He continues “China had been acting according to the agreements between the two countries and Doklam had been under the effective jurisdiction of China”

“Chinese Activities (road building) in the relevant area does not violate relevant agreements and does not alter the status quo. The Bhutan side also knows it clearly. We will work together with Bhutan through friendly negotiations and jointly maintain peace and tranquility in the border areas” he concluded his official statement.

This is not the first time China has made a bold statement and quickly took it back with a more diplomatic one.