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Chinnadana Neekosam Music Review

Chinnadana Neekosam Music Review
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A. Karunakaran
S. Sudhakar Reddy, Nikitha Reddy
Anoop Rubens
Spreading it thin
Monday, December 1, 2014 • Telugu Comments

Anup Rubens's recent albums naturally escalated expectations from 'Chinnadana Neekosam', more so because of the hits he scored with Nithin - Ishq and Gundejaari Gallanthayyinde.

A range of singers entertain, while all the songs are written by Krishna Chaitanya.

Chinnadana Neekosam

Artist: Raja Hasan
Lyricist: Krishna Chaitanya

Trust Anup Rubens to come up with a jamboree-filled music for the title song.  Krishna Chaitanya's pen goes about describing the boy's feelings upon seeing the precious 'chinnadana'.  Raja Hasan's voice comes as a personalized vocal for this song.

Ooh La Laa

Artist: Anup Rubens
Lyricist: Krishna Chaitanya

This one has a trendy music and borders on a song from 'PIlla Nuvu Leni Jeevitham'.  An excellent innovation and improvement over that song, the number is catchy.  Krishna Chaitanya tries his hand at distinct lyrics for this one.  The instrumentation is fine and nobody could have given it a booming flavour other than Anup Rubens himself.

Everybody Chalo All I Wanna Say

Artist: Jaspreet Jasz, Dhanunjay, Anudeep, Hymath
Lyricist: Krishna Chaitanya

This song reflects the attitude of the male lead and is in the mould of the many songs that philosophize about life, in a passing manner.  The veritable voices lend grace to this youthful and peppy song.  Jaspreet Jasz, Dhanunjay, Anudeep, Hymath surely coalesce into Anup's instrumentation.  Krishna Chaitanya takes a cue from other such numbers and gives it a unique touch of his own.

Dil Dil Dil

Artist: Rahul Sipilgunj
Lyricist: Krishna Chaitanya

The racy song brims with various influences.  Krishna Chaitanya's lyrics must be heard carefully because Anup prefers a rather loud approach here.  Rahul Sipilgunj's vocals are apt for a number of this kind.  This song falls short of delivering anything  high-brow for sure.


Artist: Ramya Behara
Lyricist: Krishna Chaitanya

What is an Anup Rubens album without a melody.  Ramya Behara comes across as a revelation.  Her mellifluous voice is a big plus.  Krishna Chaitanya's meaningful lyric are laced with poetic depth.  Music wise, this is one of the better songs from Anup in recent times.


Artists: Simha, Jhnavi Narang
Lyricist: Krishna Chaitanya

This one is a welcome change, given Nithin's image.  The flavour is different, so also the mood, for a song featuring Nithin.  Simha and Jhnavi Narang manage to give it a massy tinge.  Krishna Chaitanya's lyrics pass muster.

Verdict: Anup Rubens gives an album that his previous films with Nithin stood testimony to.

Rating: 3/5