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'Mr. KK' is stylish, thrilling, new: Vikram

Tuesday, July 16, 2019 • Tamil Comments

Mr. KK is stylish, thrilling, new: Vikram

'Chiyaan' Vikram, the acclaimed actor, awaits the release of 'Mr. KK' on July 19.  In this interview, catch him talk about the film, what makes it special, working with director Rajesh M Selva, his son's debut movie, what it means to be an actor for him and more.  

Produced by Kamal Haasan under Raajkamal Films International in association with R Ravindran of Trident Arts, it will release under the banner of Parijatha Movies Creation.

High, international quality

The subject has got an international quality.  The character is stylish and one of the most interesting ones I have ever played.  It is mysterious and has got grey shades.  To me, story is more important than character.  But I have played many special characters like in 'Aparichitudu'.  

Real, fast-paced film

'Mr. KK' has got high-end making values.  The fights, the chases are real.  The story is fast-paced.  The costumes, again, are very slice-of-life.  The Indian audience like 'masala' tropes in movies; for example, we like biryani even in food.  In 'Mr. KK', we have done a balancing job to give the audience what they want.  The kind of shots in the movie is there for a reason.  Dialogues are appropriate.  The story comes with twists and turns.

Happy that Kamal sir spoke about me

Rajesh M Selva is technically sound.  He gives attention to detail.  He is very specific about what he wants.  I am glad that Kamal Haasan sir has spoken so much about my character in the movie, how I look, etc.  I was pleasantly surprised that someone of his stature, a living legend, an era, spoke about me.  

Emotions matter the most

There is nothing called native touch.  It's all about how much the audience can connect.  We all love 'Game Of Thrones'.  Same goes with 'Baahubali'.  'Arjun Reddy' and 'Kabir Singh' are universal.  Same goes with 'Titanic'.  People expect to relate to emotions.  Nativity is important but it's contextual.  For example, when a film is set in a village, the audience expect a certain type of costumes.  

Hits and misses are part of the game

Every actor wants to give blockbusters in a row.  Before my first break happened, I never had a hit.  I had a period where only my films were running to packed houses.  Nobody can say what is the formula for success.  I am an actor who wants to do good cinema.  I have done films like 'Shiva Putrudu' which the audience totally loved.  I am one of the top five in Tamil cinema.  That says it all.  

Craft, acting is what matters to me

My performance in 'Mr. KK', as someone told me, is so different that I don't seem to be acting actually.  I do my mental homework to shift between roles.  I always try to do my best.  Cinema is evolving fast.  What works today might not work some years later.  I am known all over India for my acting talent.  I want to do crossover cinema, I want to do international cinema.  I want to be among those names who will be counted as important several decades down the line.  I don't think of myself as a star.  I don't make calculations.  I want to make beautiful things, participate in works of art.  An MF Hussain wouldn't think that he will earn more if he uses such and such colours.  

There was a time when I worked as a copywriter.  I used to earn a stipend of Rs 750 per month.  Money didn't matter to me much then.  It doesn't matter to me much now.  I am happy to be recognized by people anywhere in India and even countries like Nepal.  They like even my films like 'Kandasamy'.  Everybody likes to get their share of '5 likes' on Facebook.  That's why they are crazy about selfies.  For an actor, it's about his or her craft.

Mr. KK is stylish, thrilling, new: Vikram

Transcending language barriers

Actors are doing films in different languages these days.  But you may not become popular in any of the States that way.  I will do a straight Telugu film if I get something wonderful.  The audience are watching movies from other languages nowadays because of the advantage that sub-titles offers.  

Trying several get-ups

There was a time when I had to make an effort to become fluent in Tamil.  I have gone on to do many many Tamil movies.  I have tried many get-ups, including in 'Dhruva Natchatiram' and 'Mr. KK'.  I am conscious of the kind of costumes I wear; too stylish costumes look alien.  

Son's debut movie

I am happy with how 'Aditya Varma' has shaped up.  The entire shoot is done.  Our movie will answer all your questions.  This project happened in an unexpected way.  Dhruv would have waited for five more years before entering the film industry.  He is a natural and has got romance the right way, better than me.  

Delays affect me

'Dhruva Natchatiram' has got delayed.  I keep changing my films.  I get disappointed when my films get disappointed.  I sat on 'Bhima' for 3 years.  That was a lot of waste of time, money and energy.  I don't repeat my get-ups.  

Doing Mani Ratnam's 'Ponniyan Selvan'

I am glad to be getting to work with Mani Ratnam sir.  It is going to be a great learning experience.  I like the way he narrates scenes to his technicians.  The way he inspires his technicians with details is outstanding.

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