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Chocolate Music Review

Chocolate Music Review
Prithviraj, Jayasuriya, Roma, Samvritha Sunil, Lalu Alex, Rajan P. Dev, Salim Kumar, Anoop Chandran, Bindu Panikkar, Gaythri, Shanu, Prem, Mini Arun, Shari
Alex Paul
A mediocre fare
Monday, October 22, 2007 • Malayalam Comments

For the last couple of year's musical duo Vayalar Sharath and Alex Paul has been reigning in the strides of popularity, churning out a number of continuous hits. Now as the duo comes together once again in 'Chocolate', one looks forward to yet another young and good soundtrack in the offering. A reasonable expectation since the composer is at his helm and the man behind the film is Shafi who holds the baton as a director of many musical before. But the songs in the album, finds it hard to reach up to the high expectations that too of a super hit movie.

There are five songs in the album, which starts with the song 'Chocolate'.

1. 'Chocolate' Singers: M G Sreekumar, Rimy Tony    

This is the opening song of the album and may well be termed as the title song of the album. The lyrics are more funny but this dance number doesn't much makes you live to the beats nor excites you to give it a repeat hearing, instantly. It obviously creates a band music mood with all the right instruments in place as required.  A 'masala' racy  track that has just the right recipe of arrangements, starts off in a hip-hop style with a mild folksy feel  in the middle and  have some very loud  singing by the lead  which is initially jarring. 

2. 'Ishtamalle' Singer: Shahbaas Aman

It is a soft melody which dwells on the romantic exchanges and discourse shared between lovers. `Ishtamalle' is a song waiting to make its presence felt, if you are in mood to relax and rejuvenate the memoirs of the one you love most. The number is the kind that a music lover may sing around the town too often. Rendered in the emotional voice of ghazal singer Shahbaaz Aman, who offers a welcome voice style than the regularly heard ones, this is easily one of the best written, composed and arranged song of the year.  It is a must hear for the lovers of soothing melodies.
3. 'Kalkanda Kunnu' Singers: Akhila, Liji Francis 
Sung by two relatively new comers, it is basically a campus song. In spite of repeated listening and constant bombardment of the song on various  music channels, the song don't impress you much, as it is not really the kind that chart busters are made of.

The song accompanied by light weight beats that remain consistent throughout the song is a mischievous funny number, which don't rise above the ordinary.
4. 'Thamarayum' Singers Yesudas, Jyotsna 
This is another take on their recent hit 'Muttathe Mulle', from 'Mayavi'. The song sounds very similar to the original song, skillfully rendered as a solo by Yesudas.

A potential chart winner, this has some well written lyrics by Vayalar Sharath. At the very end of the album, Jyotsna also comes behind the mike to sing the female version of the song which has a different mood and outlook.

Altogether 'Chocolate ' brought out by Sathyam audios, is a mediocre album, which has a couple of potential winners. Considering the opening, the film is having, one would have expected a couple of good songs more that would have made it a winner hands down and have been more in sync with the film.

Listen to the melodies of the 'Chocolate' in raaga .com.