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Click Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, February 22, 2010 • Hindi ]
Click Review
Shreyas Talpade, Rehan Khan, Rehan Khan, Sneha Ullal, Sneha Ullal, Sadha
Sangeeth Sivan
Sangeeth Sivan, Sanjay Ahluwalia, Vinay Chowksey
Shamir Tandon


What is it all about?

`Click' helmed by Sangeeth Sivan is a first Hollywood inspired horror which was a remake of a Thai horror flick. Honestly the inspirations had the potential for our desi junta where a black-haired, pale-faced, wraithlike ghost girl comes crawling back to terrorize the living, baring a couple of shots where the ghost walks upside down and the climax shot, otherwise it doesn't stretch the boundaries of horror cinema and turns into a yawner and sorry guys your wife won't be scared from this and by the end of the flick she might turn out to be more scarier then before. For those who get creepy vibes after visiting a theme park ride that scares kids, `Click' can frighten only newcomers to the genre provided they have the patience to wait till post interval to get the eek kick. Sangeet Sivan's bollywoodie singing dancing remake of an original Thai horror drops the ball in delivering what the original had to offer. This is completely odd considering that the Thai version was really creepy. So what the hell went wrong? How about almost EVERYTHING?

The Story...of course

Harish Nair is credited for being the story writer maybe for indianising the story, anyways, CLICK is the story of a young photographer (Shreyas Talpade) and his girlfriend (Sadaa). He takes beautiful pictures and yet when they're printed they have a secret. A secret that is so dark and menacing that he hides it from his girlfriend. A secret from his past that if revealed, threatens to ruin not only his life but that of his friends and loved ones. What happens when the spirit comes back to haunt you?

What to look out for

Shreyas for his sincere effort and one creepy moment in the entire film where a black-haired, pale-faced, wraithlike ghost girl comes walking upside down.

What not?

On a basic level, the idea behind `click' is pretty cool and it could have worked wonders. Unfortunately Sivan with his writer Harish Nair fractures the flick with its pacing and placing. The film had no traction, and the mystery behind our main characters and their ghosts didn't feel severe enough to make us give a shiver.

People didn't begin to die until the audience wants to leave the theater.

Starting with the cinematography. The film was too bright, not menacing and had zero suspense coming from the camera even after T Ramji tried the `RGV' way. Then, there was this special FX, which look like something out of a video game. Also, it didn't help that the girl cast as Sneha doesn't look scary and Sada is not very hot to make a cameraman go wild. Adding further to the films misery was the score/soundtrack by Sandeep Chowta that was trying too hard and thus took away all suspense and added further to our woes.

Rating: *


Rating: 0 / 5.0

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