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Congress is 'daridram', 'peeda': KCR

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao held a press meet on Thursday afternoon hours after the Cabinet passed a resolution to dissolve the Assembly.  

He announced 105 MLA candidates for TRS who will contest the elections. Two sitting MLAs -Babu Mohan and Chennur MLA Nalla Odelu have been denied tickets.  

"Whatever KCR does is for the well-being of the state.  My decision will definitely help the state.  Since we came to power, we have introduced schemes like Kalyana Lakshmi even though nobody had demanded such schemes.  Same goes for Rythu Bandhu, etc. We have introduced 76 initiatives that were not mentioned in the Manifesto," the caretaker Chief Minister said.  

"There are no 'pekata addalu' in Telangana, there is no 'gudumba' consumption.  There was no single incident of communal violence in the state in the last 4.5 years.  We have always respected all castes, all religions.  Law and order has been alright.  Women's safety has been taken care of by SHE teams, etc.  People in the state are sleeping peacefully under our rule.  There is discipline in the state," KCR said.

"Yesterday, someone from Assam visited the state and told us that he learned a lot from the government.  There is optimism all over.  Distribution of ration cards, etc has been rationalized by my government," KCR added.

"The parties that are criticizing us have a lousy history.  Congress is Telangana's villain No. 1.  This I had said in 2001 itself.  Congress is the state's biggest 'Daridram'.  In 1956, Nehru destroyed the future of the region with his decisions.  Indira Gandhi was another dictator.  Nobody has done a charity by granting us statehood," KCR thundered.  

"Land grabbing, scams, gambling centres, bootlegging, electricity deficit were all rampant till 2014 when the Congress was ruling the state.  We have set these ills right.  Electricity deficit is a thing of the past," he said.

KCR, describing himself as 'Bhoomi Putrudu', said that Telangana should be freed of the "Congress daridram, peeda".  "Congress is the reserve bank of ills," he said.