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X ways to cheat the heat during summer without breaking a sweat

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 • Common Comments

Summer's here already. Unlike in Winterfell, in India we fear the summer more than winter. Not to be taken slightly, the heat waves can get dangerous ending up even taking lives like it has the previous times throughout the country. What can you make sure to keep yourself and your loved ones from away from the harms of the scorching sun and still have a sane mind during the process?

We've compiled a list of mandatory and some fun ways to keep your worries at bay. Because, ‘do not brace yourselves, winter is not coming’.

Cover your basics

By basics we mean just that, the basics. Drink plenty of water, buttermilk helps too. Wear light clothes preferably made out of cotton. Take care of your diet (more veggies and fruits). And more importantly proper rest. These things are some of the very important vital activities which you should be regularly doing but it does come handy during summer especially.

Take a dip

How long was it before you took a chilling dip in the waters? Water does amazing things to your body, even when you’re not drinking it. And what better way to escape the heat of the summer and still get an amazing workout out of it! Visit your nearest swimming pool and start your way to being cool, no matter how high the temperature may be.

Don't forget to sweat!

Okay you got us. We promised ways to beat the summer without breaking a sweat. But, just hear this out. Your body produces as much toxins and excessive during summer as it does on winter. So if you think if you’re being protected by air conditioners at home and office, think again. It’s important continue your exercise routine if you already have one or just create a new one. What you can keep in mind is maybe to lessen the intensity of your workouts keeping it moderate. And if you're bored of treadmill runs, here’s the perfect opportunity to learn wake up real early and start running before the sun’s out.

Game on!

Summer comes with the perfect excuse to stay indoors and unleash your gaming spirits. And especially if you’ve been good at covering the basics and got yourself some free time, then there’s no harm in indulging a little bit in some video games. Another great option is to you’re your brains with a demanding indoor game like chess. If you’re not so inclined, find yourself an interactive group board game with some cool snacks to munch on. You can call over your friends and have a great good time not letting your summer holidays go to waste! Office going folks, sorry.

Cool zzz's…

It's pretty basic. But it’s important we decided to talk on it as a whole point. When you’re trying to get some quality shuteye during summer, chances are it is difficult. Because higher body temperature will make it hard for your body to get into sleep mode. Properly air conditioned rooms could be of help. In the absence of which you can decide to sleep under the starry skies on the terrace or are you game enough to try sleep on top of a ‘wet sheet’or popularly known as the Egyptian method? Try googling it.

If your job involves travel…

Well, you have to suck it up since your livelihood depends on it. But still, you can manage. Cue drum roll to hats, colourful umbrellas and cotton clothing that is light in colour. Carry water wherever you go. As much as water is important, so are electrolytes. Packaged oral rehydration salts are available in the market. Grab a few of them and keep them in your bag always. Avoid alcohol at all costs. They dehydrate your body quickly and that’s a risk we don’t want especially during summer.

Did we miss anything that you wanted to add on? Please do by commenting below. Have an amazing summer ahead!

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