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Cousins Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, December 19, 2014 • മലയാളം ]
Cousins Review
Mohanlal, Prithviraj
Lal Jose


True to the expectations on the film and the image linked with its director Vysakh, the new Christmas release on theatres "Cousins' is a lighter entertainer which is racy enough to qualify as a festival , fun film. With no big story lines, the movie is colourfully made with every formulaic stuff that may appeal to the lovers of the 'run of the mill' films.

Cousins’ have Kunchakko Boban, Indrajith, Suraj Venjaramoodu and Jojo donning the title roles. The movie feature them as Sam, Georgy,  Poly and Tony of which the last two are twin brothers. The movie opens with the marriage ceremony of Sam, where he maintains to the priest that he is supposed to marry Ann, his school-time sweet heart (Mia ) instead of the lady who is dressed up as the bride and standing adjacent to him. The marriage ceremony is called off and Sam is taken to mental care centre where the psychiatrist diagnose  Sam as in the early stages of 'Hypertheymesia'  which will make him remember invalid details of childhood in excessive manner  but also in the loss of his memory of intermittent times. Sam had a head injury six years back that may have resulted in the ailment. The psychiatrist suggests the other cousins to try to make him visit the spaces that he had been to, before the accident so that he may patch up with  the memories. And follows the interesting journey that the cousins embark on, in areas where they look for hearty remembrances of the past including the palace located at Kerala-Karnataka border.
The movie definitely has its share of reminiscences and inspirations from many hits of the past, cramming the screens with staple ingredients to woo the viewers. But though in a inconsequential story by Sethu, whose writing takes a backseat , the highlight of the movie definitely remains in the punchy direction by Vysakh, who has given his full energy to built credibility to the colorful fantasy world depicted. With a hundred people around in every scenes painstakingly hearing the local ruler(Pradeep Rawat) and another thousands featured in his songs,  Vysakh is sure to have graduated into making mass films even with out any credible storyline and that shows here too. Every scenes have the lead foursome in it and almost everywhere Suraj and Jojo had filled up with light humour that make ordinary viewers overlook the pitfalls that lay bare in open.
Vyshakh's eye for casting top line actors has also worked and added to the colour of the movie. With Vedhika and Nisha Agarwal is gorgeous dress codes, the frames appear glorious but the lead ladies, as usual has nothing much to do. All the four lead players  are in their regular roles, though their is exceptional little for them to perform or to take home.
In the director's aid are the technical sides where every department seems to have overworked to create the needed results. The cinematography by Shaji is awesome while editing by Mahesh Narayanan is perfect with every needed effects added to make the proceedings in the later -half believable. The BG scores by Gopi Sundar is another area  that seems to have worked in tandem with the needs of the movie.He has in fact filled up every nook and corner of the scenes with punchy and  sometimes over the top background scores to create a flow for the movie.Art direction and costumers are offered lavish spaces to fill up.The smash musical scores by M Jayachandran and their  ravishing choreography and picturization will also work for the movie.
'Cousins, is one movie that works largely for its fun quotient though in a hollow basement. If taken lightly, the movie will entertain you for two hour and ten minutes.Serious viewers are cautioned from trying  this regular package . For every others, have a pack of popcorn 'keep away the brains and enjoy the fun stuff.

Rating -6.5/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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