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Ten cool video games to beat your quarantine boredom!

Thursday, April 2, 2020 • Tamil Comments

9 cool video games to beat your quarantine boredom!

Too much of quarantine talk troubling you? What say, we introduce you to some hot video games to take your mind off things and escape into another reality? Forget ‘work from home’, it’s ‘play from home’ time fellas.

Red Dead Redemption 2


A survival game with one of the best open world environments that has captivated many in the gamer community. The character sketches, storyline and the appealing visuals alone are enough to make you postpone that very important office call!

Breath of the Wild


Breath of the Wild is an amazing quarantine time game, we think. It’s so much fun to be exploring the Kingdom of Hyrule in comparison to keep staring at your computer screensaver. With awesome natural environments and stylized design elements, you’ll be addicted in no time!

Horizon Zero Dawn


Feel like hunting some huge ass robot dinosaurs? How about some eye-grabbing caveman tools? Would you like a world filled with interesting characters? Did you say yes to the previous questions? Then, this game is for you, and you only.

Mass Effect 2


A game worthy of its name. Fight with your human and alien friends to save the universe. Did we mention you’ll be using a lot of your wit as well to succeed at this amazing game? In short, one of the best games to play when you’re in self-quarantine mode.



Bloodborne’s story happens in a gothic city called Yharnam where travellers come for a remedy to cure their afflictions. However, upon arrival you’ll find that the city has been plagued with an endemic illness that changes its citizens to bestial creatures. The darkly themed graphics alone elevate the environment experience of Bloodborne!

The Witcher 3


What better way to spend your time than playing the Witcher during these ‘stay at home’ days! Amazing writing, amazing visuals and we’re not even exaggerating when we say playing Witcher is like playing a masterpiece! Have loads of fun with this one!

Far Cry 3


If you’re looking for a game where you’ll be required to use to smarts much, this is for you. It’s very challenging and adventurous gameplay will have you hooked on to it before you know it. Psst…you even get to blow up sharks with a rocket launcher…now how’s that?



The more you play this game, the more you’ll like it. The narrative is deep, the gameplay is fantastic with shooting, combat, strategy, role-playing and puzzle solving to keep you up for hours. We think next to Witcher, it’s one of the best of the list!

Wind Waker

Wind Waker has got everything you need in a good enjoyable game. Combat, intriguing characters, side-quests, great story and much more. We agree that none of the Zelda games are that hard, but Wind Waker comes as the easiest in the lot. Fun game to play without sweating about winning, there you go!

Fool World


Belated April Fool's day, hehe! There’s no 10th in this list. Hope our list made staying at home more fun for youJ

Stay safe but play dangerously!

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