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Crazy Boy Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, August 20, 2016 • Kannada ]
Crazy Boy Review
DPA Films
Dilip Prakash, Ashika, Ravishanker, Sadhu Kokila, Rangayana Raghu
Mahesh Babu
Chandru Govindaraj
Jassie Gift

A proved director Mahesh Babu (remember his Akash, Arasu, Meravanige etc) has come out with a good family entertainer keeping in mind the need of the hour for the youths in ‘Crazy Boy’. The crazy boy is not just fun loving, doing distinct crazy things in life, he is a do good personality to his college as well to his parents. He is a role model and rules the trouble mongers with ease and strange style.

Who is this crazy boy? Neglected in the childhood after parent’s death Arjun grows up in the house of Rangayana Raghu (who is close friend of Arjun father). He is a cool guy. Love in life should happen automatically in life he says to his friends. There is Nandini in the same college campus believes in the same theory. After friendship Naindini looking at qualities of Arjun suggest that he should become the college student leader. That rakes up revenge from Vikki who is a high profile student, a spoiled brat. Arjun manages with Vikki with his muscle power and finally they become friends. The love journey with Nandini is what tough for Arjun because of double standard of Nandini brother Ravishanker. Hesitantly Arjun decide to move away from Nandini but the wrong catch for Nandini as life partner sets final platform for Arjun to prove his strength.

We have two good actors making foray in to cinema from ‘Crazy Boy’. Dilip Prakash has that speed and zoom of a young hero. He is tall, acts quite OK and action is his trump card as of now. Ashika is a beauty to watch. She has a good fortune ahead in cinema. Rangayana Raghu and Ravishanker rendered able support. Sadhu Kokila comedy and teacher of plays is as usual.

After ‘Sanju Weds Geetha’ Jassi Gift has given two lovely gifts two his film. Vadanthi Madalilla,,,,Vinanthi Maadalilla….best among all songs in this film. Cameraman Shekar Chandru has given visual treat and top class editing and special effects adds value to it.

‘Crazy Boy’ is a good entertainer to watch. A good justice and right treatment to the characters comes from director Mahesh Babu.

Rating: 4.00 / 5.0

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