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Cyanide Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, July 8, 2006 • Kannada ]
Cyanide Review
Akshaya Creations
Malavika, Ravi Kale, Rangayana Raghu, Thara, Avinash, Nasser, Ashok Rao
AMR. Ramesh
Kenchappa Gowda, S. Indumathi
Sandeep Chowta

Handling this type of subject is not an easy task. Budding director Ramesh with a subject like the inside story of Rajiv Gandhi assassinators has been careful throughout. He never give room for any controversy except the often announcement of a Swamiji is helping the Shivarasan gang to escape to Nepal everything is clean and tidy.

What did the assassinators of Rajiv Gandhi the former Prime Minister who was killed in a human bomb explosion did for 20 days in Bangalore is the crux of the matter here in 'Cyanide'.

From August 1 to 20th very conscious and fearful life lead by seven member gang tying cyanide around their neck is very well told on the screen in a breath taking narration. The brief background of assassination gang, the message that is furnished in the film clearly essay that no terrorist is made. They forcibly indulge by the circumstance.

Escaping from an oil tank playing chess the Shivarasan and gang are checked in their life by the Bangalore police headed by Kempaiah through a fantastic investigation. It takes twenty days for the police to clearly arrive at the Konakakunte residence where Shivarasan gang lived and how the team survived their life is explained in engrossing narration by director Ramesh.

Looking for a house on the outskirts initially becomes very tough for Shivarasan gang. In the house he disagreed to stay but others stayed is checked by the police. Then Shivarasan and his team stay in the house of Ranganath and Mridula till they get a proper house to stay. The tension builds up for Ranganath and his wife. They tell Ranganath that they escape very soon from here to Nepal. By showing pistol to Ranganath and wife they meet their ends. In the meanwhile the gang of Shivarasan staying in Muthathi forest area is surrounded by public and police as a result the 12 member gang consumes cyanide. This in fact irritates Shivarasan but Bangalore police looking for right clue materialize when one of the 12 member gang who consumed cyanide has information in his shirt pocket that lead to brisk investigation. The trace of house broker, the milk supplier to the house further strengthens the investigation of Kempaiah. When Mridula and Ranganath change their house the suspicion further build up. Tracing Mridula in her brother house the police get all clues of Shivarasan gang staying in the Konanakunte residence. When all the areas is surrounded by police and commando the lorry blockade in the pothole creates confusion and thus the Shivarasan gang fire at the police. When the counter attack is uncontrollable the gang of Shivarasan gulps cyanide.

Thara the national award winning actress as timid and chicken hearted Mridula has given a splendid performance. Avinash as DCP Kempaiah, Rangayana Raghu as Ranganath and Ravi Kaale as Shivarasan are apt. Nazer is wasted with no proper work for him. Malavika has done her best.

Synchronizing the life of terrorists to blackness the cameraman of repute Rathnavelu has worked brilliantly. The background scoring in this an hour and thirty minutes film is tolerable.

If you have read or not read the inside story of Rajiv Gandhi assassinators you may buy a ticket to watch this film.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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