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Danger Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, October 31, 2005 • Telugu ]
Danger Review
Allari Naresh, Abhishek, Sairam Shankar, Swathi, Sherin, Shafi, Satya Prakash
Krishna Vamsi
Madhu Murali
Joshua Sridhar

Krishna Vamsi must have been a desperate man after back-to-back flops in Sri Anjaneyam and Chitram. He obviously needed something drastic to prove that he was not over the hill.

But desperation does not always produce what you want. It can lead to further mistakes.

Danger is a good case in point. The film, as a low-budget experiment is acceptable. But does not work most times because of the plodding script and its utter predictability. Such chase thrillers more deft handling and technical finesse. Sadly that is missing in Danger.

The film's story is simple.It is about Karthik, Satya, Ali, Lakshmi and Radhika (Sairam Shankar, Allari Naresh, Abhishek, Swathi and Shireen) set out to a farmhouse to celebrate the prospective marriage of Lakshmi.

End route, they have a small accident with the police. But somehow they escape and end up at a farmhouse. Now, they also encounter a wily politician (Shiva Prasad) making a live child as an `offering' to the God. The gang manages to record the `sacrifice' on their handy cam. So the politico is after them.

Cop and the venal politician join hands and chase the five. How they manage to escape the both is the story.

The performances pass muster. Sairam, Abhishek, in fact, are outstanding. Allari Naresh is not far behind. There is a natural bonding among the friends, and it shows on screen. Shireen and Swathi are also in good form. They look cute and act with understanding.

The director has managed to get the best out of his young team. He has also got the best out of his technical crew. Om Prasad's camera work is what the doctor ordered for this kind of movie. It adds an extra filament of surprise and suspense. Joshua's Sridhar's background score is crisp.

Krishna Vamsi's direction shows that he is not very comfortable with such a form. His strength is sentimental flicks. This is a new genre for him. It shows. He doesn't have the nous to sustain the tempo that such type of flicks needs. Yet, he must be applauded for trying something new and staying away from the predictable path.

In the event, he gets over 70 percent for attempt, but just pass marks for accomplishment.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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