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Deepfakes Videos the new threat for You Tube. Facebook users

Tuesday, September 4, 2018 • Tamil Comments

Deepfakes Videos the new threat for You Tube. Facebook users

Internet users face many threats such as security violations, credit card frauds, trolls and scams.  Now as the number of video users is growing multifold day by day on all social media platforms the latest high hazard threat that is looming is Deepfakes.  The technology is used by meme farms to create a video of a celebrity by altering the words that he or she is speaking to mean something else.  Another person can also impersonate the famous person and no one can find the difference.

Effectively an entire speech can be doctored and since people tend to beleive videos it can influence them.  Miscreants can easily morph the image and body movement of their ex lovers onto pornography videos and it would look so real and cause irrepairable damage to them.  Experts say that the technology is so advanced that it is highly impossible to identify the original from the fake.  Facebook, You Tube and other social media platforms are assuring users that they would protect their communities from this looming threat though what type of measures they are taking is unknown.  Analysts fear that even elections can be won or lost by the deepfakes influencing users who are unaware of its authenticity.

There are positive uses for Deepfakes especially in Hollywood where a old actor can play himself in a young age using the technology.  However the dangers outweigh its uses and its upto the social media platforms to protect users from it.

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