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Deepika Padukone: I'm More Comfortable with Ranbir & Ranveer
Thursday, May 30, 2013 • Hindi Comments

The ‘Cocktail’ Veronica is all set to showcase her girly side in her upcoming film ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ opposite her ex-Ranbir Kapoor. IndiaGlitz caught this sexy lady for random questions -

YJHD music is already on the charts? How much music play a vital role in movies?

pritam has given amazing music. Music is a part of Indian cinema. It sets the mood, it set the tone. I feel music is important as well because in lot of places it enhances the actor performances especially in romantic scene when you have songs it takes it to another level.
How do you see Ranbir’s achievements?

He is the same person I have known each other since last 6-7 years. He was a fine actor since day one. His success is mine success and his failure is mine failure. That kind of relationship we share.
Deepika, you have worked with biggies and young generation as well so with whom you are more comfortable?

I am more comfortable with Ranbir and Ranveer because they are like minded and similar age group. Ranbir and I started together so in a way there is a comfort level. If you talk about SRK, Saif I have different kind of respect and appreciation for them.

Do you think the status of women in the films is changing or it is the same?

I think that trend is also changing today. Even women have the voice to say what kind of film she wants to do and what kind of films she doesn’t want to do. There was the time when heroines were type casted. There was the time when the heroines were asked to do 2 songs and a close up in the climax but now it is changing. Women are equally important in the films. There is no formula for the film.
You have done both glamorous and de-glamorous role but people have accepted you in glamorous role. Do you think glamour play important role in the success of the film?

I don’t think glamour look got anything to do with film working or not. The film should be interesting, entertaining and liked by the audience. If you see cocktail my performance was liked and it was also glamorous. So glamour and performance can go hand in hand. I don’t understand why people take glamour means no acting.
Is Ranbir a dangerous co-star to work with?

That is true. But fortunately unfortunately we know each other so well that the moment he thinks of prank on someone I kind of sense it. Then he does the expected.

How you deal with the reports about your personal life?

We want people to love us and appreciated for our work. Lot of times the stories which coms are untrue. End of the day we are human beings and we feel bad that when I have not said that then why it is written in certain way. But you have to keep focus at your work. It is a part of work. When bad things are said then good things are also being said. At the end of the day if you have done a good work, part of a good film, your performance is appreciated then it is good.
Recently you are voted the Most Desirable Woman? Your reaction?

It is quite embarrassing honestly. I don’t know how to take compliments. When everyone ask I don’t know how to react. It must be good thing only. I believe the people should take me for the person that I am not to the beauty and attribute I wear for me that is artificial.
Do you keep a tap on other celebrity life?

Ranbir is the source.

Is there any cold war between today’s gen actors?

I heard of cold war in the industry but today’s gen we are just like today’s youth; we like to hang out. Just like school, college in every level there is a competition. That doesn’t mean you can’t be friend with each other. We all are just cordial with each other.

There have being reports that you don’t have time for the promotion of YJHD? How far the reports are true?

Not at all. I just cancelled the London promotion as I was busy with the shooting of Chennai Express in Munnar which got delayed by 3 days due to rain. When 200 people are waiting for the work and it will be unfair if I leave in the middle.