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Delhi Safari Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, October 20, 2012 • Hindi ]

[This review is written by film critic and trade analyst Joginder Tuteja's 7 year old son Rudhir Tuteja. He is the target audience and the film suited a kid to share his thoughts.]

Ek chota leopard baby tha, woh apne Papa ko bahaut respect karta tha. They stayed in a sanctuary with other animals.

Then the Papa dies. Because a building is to be constructed, a bulldozer is brought. Usme ek human being leopard ko goli mar deta hai. Then all jungle animals decide to leave that place. Yuvi is the 'chota cheetah' and he decides not to leave. A bird says that we should talk to human beings.

There is also a funny tota jo ek film producer ke ghar mein bahaut masti karta hai. Ek gaana bahaut funny that - `Main Tera Tota Tu Meri Maina'. Mujhe bahaut achcha gaana laga. Papa says it is an old popular song. Yeh Hollywood ka hai ya Bollywood ka? Waise bhi Hollywood mein cartoon characters aur India mein real characters hote hain naa? Jaise 'Ra. One'. Can I see this song on YouTube?

Animals take this tota to their jungle but he doesn't want to help them. Then mother leopard tells this funny bhaalu that we should convince him. Phir woh maan jaata hai. Lekin Bajrangi monkey doesn't like this tota and tries to kill him. He makes many plans but fears that bhaalu will hurt him more because he is stronger.

When all animals come together they go to Delhi and sing this nice song 'Ek Kadam'. Woh saare hathiyaar jungle mein chor dete hain. Unhe raaste mein ek Bat help karta hai aur raasta dikhaata hai. All animals then live in Gujrat for one night. Also, 'aatma' of Yuvi's father comes to meet him. Baad mein ek dialogue bhi achcha hai - 'Mere Paas Maa Hai'. There is also fight between tota and a fox called Kaalia. Ek tortoise bhi tha jo hakla ke bolta tha. Then when he says 'M m m', bhalu asks him if he is asking for 'Malai Kofta'. When tota sees a female tota, he says `wow, what a hot chick'.

Ek chase hoti hai jab khoob saari madhu-makhkhi chase all animals because bandar aur tota aapas mein ladte hai. They form the shape of helicopter and UFO. I really liked it. I also want to see `Makkhi'. My friend Harshil Khanna told me that it is a very good movie.

Bandar and tota become friends then. They sing a dosti waala song which was like motu-patli dosti. Everyone sees the aatma of Papa Bhalu who says 'Ab Delhi Door Nahi'.

They reach Delhi and cause traffic jam. TV channels come and tota says 'Hum aap par attack nahi kar rahe, aap hum par attack kar rahe hain'. Sab bolne lagte hai 'Halla Bol'. Phir baad mein Prime Minister of India comes and he also says 'Halla Bol'. Builder ka board bhi tota jaata hai and law is made the houses won't be made in jungle. Arrey haan, bahaut pehle ek aur scene tha when Bajrangi apne do chelo ko kehta hai `Main Guru hoon aur tum chele ho'. Very funny.

End. Bas aise khatam karna hai.

Rating: 5 stars. Mujhe toh bahaut achchi lagi. I will see it again.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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