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Desingu Raja Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, August 23, 2013 • Tamil ]
Desingu Raja Review
Escape Artiste Motion Pictures
Vimal, Bindhu Madhavai, Soori, Singam Puli

Vimal's solo release this Aug 23rd features him in yet again as a Villager, the roles which he delivers his best and more importantly connects well with the audience. Bindhu and Vimal's chemistry in KBKR was a delight and so yet again the pair will be seen onscreen. After a few moderate movies at the BO, director Ezhil known for filming light hearted romance movies is back with his favorite composer Imman. Produced by Madhan of Escapeartists' motion pictures, the movie after enough delays is releasing today, let us see how it has fared off.

The Plot:

The story is an Old Wine in a New Bottle concept, drifting from the classic theme of rivalry between two villages, hero chasing the inevitable task of wooing the girl from the opponent town. Well yeah, that being the theme, the movie shots off with both the rival families soaked in Bloodbath over a petty issue which seem to have originated years ago, thus the punch line is that the next one to lose head is our "Idhayakani" - Vimal.

So call it coincidence, luck or whatsoever the hero falls in love with Tamarai (Bindhu) who happens to be the rival family's daughter, and even so he is desperate enough to win her heart. Well, this has been the stories for ages since Bharathiraja time, so you might wonder what else is new. With the usual hoopla's of the antics by sidekicks Singampuli and Soori who plays the "Thaimaman" of Tamarai, the plot thickens when the hero and heroine muster up the courage to reveal their wedding plans.

The twist then comes in, in a mix up of events the family and villagers of Idhayakani kill Tamarai's dad just as he marries her and hell breaks loose. What proceeds is typical and predictable, as the endless array of Idhayakani's gimmicks to win the love of Tamarai, what she and her villagers plan to do forms the rest of the plot.

Capitalizing on a complete village backdrop, Ezhil gives yet another "ManamKothiparavai" type of movie, slow with romance infused in the story and dry comedy. The Director never seems to tire of romance as that has been his mettle for decades. However the movie itself is like a whirlwind trip to the 80's and has nothing of the "Out of the box" concept. It will be a wonder on how the audiences will deal with such a quirky climax. The same gasp can be heard; when you see a heroine all clad in gorgeous attire after her father's death, her uncle in comical mood.

Vimal might be stereotyped for his roles set in rural milieu, but when he goes urban it gets worse, so well this is his forte:  Calm, innocent looks the usual Vimal. No qualms on him whatsoever, however he should look for some differentiation without a doubt. Bindhu is gorgeous no doubt, her looks, dubbing all fine, but fails when displaying emotions. The rest of the cast is just about passable;Soori's comedy is tainted with recursiveness and has nothing new to offer. Singam Puli on the other hand continues to delight at times, and at times a too much for crying out loud.

The good things to take back home are probably the essence of Village has been captured in a better way thanks to Sooraj, Ezhil's tryst with comedy has always been lighter and through the end, so is this movie. Barring the excessive sidekicks attempts at comedy, the fun is at bursts.Imman's scoring is very quiet and there is no Kick factor except for the song from ShreyaGoshal and BGM.

In all a movie that has rather a predictable first half with fun and romance, turns out to give a second opinion in the next half. Well in all, an average movie summarizes it!

Verdict :The usual romcom with nothing big to offer, but doesn't bore you as well.

Stars : 2.25 / 5

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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