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Deverakonda wants to know what you think about him

Vijay Deverakonda wants to know what people think of him.  "Is Vijay Deverakonda a Rowdy, Politician, Leader, or NOTA?" a poll floated by the 'Geetha Govindam' actor says.

Many took the poll and opted for the choice that would make him so happy: Rowdy, what else?!  After all, that's how he has been describing his fans.  Let's pay back to him is what they must have thought.  But the highest number of votes at the time of writing this piece went to the 'None Of The Above' option.  Well, most of them don't want to lose an opportunity to promote the 'Arjun Reddy' star's upcoming movie, 'NOTA'.

Directed by Anandh Shankar, the film's Teaser will be out on Sept 6th at 4 PM.  It could hit the screens on Oct 4 in both Telugu and Tamil.