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Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, December 27, 2016 • Tamil ]
Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru Review
Karthick Naren
Knight Nostalgia, Filmotainment
Jakes Bejoy

After watching the trailer, if you enter the theaters with great expectations on ‘Dhruvangal Pathinaaru’, a non-star film directed by debutant Karthik Naren, we bet you will get more than what you expected..
‘D16’  has been dealt like a novel, the attention to detail, the connections, unusual suspects, minor clues that get registered in the mind of the investigator during the inquiry, all these unfold  like a page turner from Sujatha or Agatha Christie novel and the best part is, it has come from a 21 year old director who has penned it with a sharp writing skills which makes you hooked for its 105 minutes run time.
Since it is a mystery thriller, it’s best to watch and know what the film holds and let’s keep the review free of spoilers. ‘D16’ revolves around a missing person, a murder and an accident, all in proximity and as per the police ( Rahman ) the murderer is still at large and how the investigation of the incidents unfold over the next few hours make ‘D16’.
Most crime subjects are centered on the lead investigator-, his tactics, cleverness and other strengths. However Karthik the director deals it with it rather naturally, the investigating police inspector has a hard time with memory, is keen on getting advice from his fellow policemen, does not let himself into just the motive and rather works with the flow of the events with keen attention to detail and builds his own theory knowing that they may go wrong.
‘D16’  has a lot of narrative elements, as and when each character approaches their play, they start relating their stories and how the events unfolded from their point of view. The director makes us do the guessing game - if their story is true or false, but while these narrative elements make the movie stretch its time, they start connecting dots when the final ploy unfolds in a good way indeed.  There are long sequences in the movie with crisp editing makes it very natural, like the crime scene where the inspector gives various instructions to his fellow constables, enquires the neighbour, talks with the witness etc..
Some detailing and dialogues in the first half may look redundant. But almost everything shown or spoken in the film has a connection with what unfolds in the climax.If you had missed anything you will struggle to connect the dots at the end. That calls for phenomenal hard work and expertise in screenwriting .
The dialogues are also curt and interesting in many places. The way the police professionals talk with each has been captured well. The conversations between Deepak and Gautham are sharp and witty at times.
Rahman as the Police officer is quite right on the money, his looks,  body language, the freakishly bold voice required for a cop, an intimidating attitude all that as he carries around from one crime scene to another in search of evidence or a clue.  Tamil pronunciation has some minor flaws.

The film has many newcomers  or less known actors and among them the actors coming as Gautham, the senior police constable and the Newspaper boy make a good impression. Delhi Ganesh makes a mark with just one scene he appears.
Jakes Bejoy’s background score enhances the thrill and mystery element throughout the film. Sujith Sarang’s cinematography has used lights and angles that gives the feel of watching a crime investigation flick. The multi-layered complex script is easily conveyed with the razor sharp and clear cuts of Editor Sreejith Sarang.
Of course the film has its share of flaws. Despite the engagement factor, both the halves seem like a bit overstretched. There are a few logical  loopholes and some areas which could have been explained a bit more. The reasons behind the crimes may also seem ordinary for a section of audience.
Despie these fiaws ‘D16’ is surely the surprise end package to the year 2016, a good finish from a logically sound and promising director supported by a good cast and fine technicalities.
Verdict- This well-structured intruiging thriller from new comer Karthik Naren keeps you hooked from the start to end just like a detective novel.

Rating: 3.5 / 5.0

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