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'Did Chiranjeevi or Mega fans request you, Balakrishna?'

Tuesday, January 8, 2019 • Telugu Comments

Did Chiranjeevi or Mega fans request you, Balakrishna?

In February 2016, Nandamuri Balakrishna hosted Lepakshi Utsavalu on behalf of the AP government.  Although it was an important occasion, the actor-politician didn't care to invite anyone from the Mega family.  Moreover, he said, "I have not invited Chiranjeevi for the event. Nenu evarini netthi meeda pettukonu!  It's my wish to invite or not to invite someone.  Many people would be ready to come if invited.  But this is my way of working, Dictator-style."

Naga Babu has reacted to the remarks after nearly three years.  "When reporters asked you (Balakrishna) whether you invited Chiranjeevi for the Lepakshi festivities, you could have said a mere 'No'. But you spoke too much.  You said that your glamour is more than enough.  You went on to say that you don't want to pamper anybody by keeping them on your head.  Did Chiranjeevi garu telephone you and ask you to entertain him?  Did our fans make any request?  Why do you talk too much?" the Mega brother asked in a video statement.

"You said that you will behave like a dictator.  Well, do it. You made such remarks despite being an MLA.  Time will tell what is going to happen next.  Contest from Hindupur next time as well.  You will know.  Thanks for behaving like a dictator.  My brothers never criticized you because they are peace-loving men.  We have always maintained decorum.  But you always go out of control.  Your followers go out of control.  You target our personal lives as well," Naga Babu added.

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