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'Dorasaani' is realistic, intense, organic: KVR Mahendra

Thursday, July 11, 2019 • Tamil Comments

Dorasaani is realistic, intense, organic: KVR Mahendra

KVR Mahendra, the debutant director of 'Dorasaani' (releasing on July 12), speaks in this interview about how the project fell into place, what makes his film so special, what ticks for Anand Deverakonda and Shivathmika Rajasekhar, his upcoming film and more.  

The short-film that won me laurels

I hail from a village in Warangal.  I have been in the film industry for 17 years.  And I have been through several trials and tribulations.  When Telangana became a reality in 2014, I was going through the Tank Bund road.  And the joy of the people made me think of the sacrifices of martyrs. 'Nisheethi', a short-film, was made by me with that backdrop.  It has gone on to win national and international awards in 18 countries.  

It was during the making of this film that I got in touch with the likes of Venkat Siddareddy and Tharun Bhascker.  It's because of that short-film that all this has been possible.  I discovered my strengths.  The likes of Shyam Benegal wrote me emails to congratulate me.  

Writing 42 versions of script

It's after this success that I sat down to pen 'Dorasaani'.  I wrote as many as 42 versions.  I could meet Suresh Babu garu through Venkat Siddareddy.  I told him the 32nd version of the script.  I went on to write 10 more versions. When I gave the narration to Suresh Babu garu, he didn't speak anything.  It was a 5-hour narration.  After I was done, he spoke with me for 2 hours.  

The origin of idea

As a child, I used to notice 'gadis' and 'praharis' in my locality.  I used to imagine how a dorasaani being there would be like.  This script took shape many years ago that way.  I find it fascinating that a rich girl falls in love with a poor guy.  

Doing research

Since the film is set in 1987, I did research about how the social conditions were back then.  I read the works of the likes of Allam Rajayya, Rangachari and KV Narendra.  It took me three years to complete the script of 'Dorasaani'.  

That's why Shivathmika

A dorasaani has to look royally.  She should be tall as well.  She should speak in a measured way and her personality should be nice.  She should be able to express herself through her eyes.  Shivathmika has got all these features.  It was through Madhura Sreedhar garu that I met Jeevitha garu. The first time I saw Shivathmika, I knew she would be apt for the role.

Anand Deverakonda looks very innocent.  He was apt for the role of the 20-year-old.  What makes his character special in the movie is that he goes on to love the 'dorasaani' herself.  

Intense love warrants romance

We haven't included lip-locks for the sake of it.  When you are telling an intense love story, whatever is needed has to be infused.  It's not about two individuals making out.  

It's also commercial

My film has nothing to do with 'Chanti'.  There have been several films dealing with the rich girl-poor boy love concept.  'Dorasaani' shows many new things, and our film does have a number of commercial ingredients. But I made sure that the film's artistic value remains intact and beautiful.  Even the climax is how it should be and it's organic.

Technical highlights

Prashanth Vihari's tunes are fabulous.  The reception of the audience has been highly encouraging.  The RR is even better.  Sunny Korapati's cinematography will be a highlight.  His work will transport you to the 1980s. We have used wide lens as well.  We used Sync Sound technology to shoot in Karimnagar, Warangal, Siddipet and Nalgonda.  The language of the characters is realistic. 

Next film 

Nothing has been finalized about my next movie.  I have got a number of ideas.  Rajasekhar garu has been wanting to work with me.  Vijay Deverakonda garu has loved 'Dorasaani' and he wants to work with me.  I am happy.

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