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Drama Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, November 24, 2012 • Kannada ]
Drama Review
Ambarish,Yash,Radhika Pandit,Prakash Raj,Ninasam Satish,Sindhu Lokanath,Suchindra Prasad,Malavika,Rajasekhar Naidu,Mysore Balanna,Vijayasarathy,Sangeetha,Naveen,Hamsa Pratap,Kruthi Bettadh,Bangalore Nagesh,Chetan,Jaiker, Raghu,Ashok,Shyam,Ranjan and others.
Yogaraj Bhat
Jayanna and Bogendra
V Harikrishna


In giving entertaining cinema director of high reputation Yogaraj Bhat has deviated from his set of principles is very much clear from this `Drama'. It is too dramatic at places and the characters and issues he raises - underworld nexus, sentiments, love, fun, action, superstition etc added in this film `Drama' is an attempt to draw all section of audiences to the theatres. Why only for youths let us make a film for family audience is the thought of Yogaraj Bhat. In the process he has turned ordinary at places, gobbled more time and lack in brevity of expression.

For the youths there are enough of tantrums and pranks, for elders there is sentiments with good dosage, action lovers there is enough of bullet exchange and action from Yash, astrologers smile at developments forecasted in the life of protagonist turning true. This is all just `Drama' yaar!

In the character building and feeding them with good dialogues Yogaraj Bhat is as strong as ever. In selection of songs, properties, locations and techniques he is on par with the present standards.

According to the forecast of `Doll' astrology and the meeting of Venkata moves on in life with complications and the clue for turn of developments is well prepared for the audience. Venkata meeting Nandini moves him to a college in Hassan for further studies. The peck on the cheek strengthens Venkata and her assurance for taking revenge on principal who slapped her in front of all the students turns very costly.

For the `Kisses' of Nandini Venkata with his friend Satisha tonsure the head of his college principal and that leads him to make more `Drama' to bail out from the mistake he has done. In this act even Nandini supports him to pretend as daughter of Principal.

Nandini finds it tough now because her don father has something else in mind. In the nexus between Nandini father and opponent don it is time for action.

Yash has shown his guts in action, ability in dialogue delivery and he is quite impressive in romantic moods with a beautiful actress like Radhika Pandit is around. Radhika Pandit has good shades to emote and her lively nature and strength to take on any challenges keeps her going with flying colors. No doubt a heroine to watch for a long time is Radhika Pandit.

Sindhu as dumb, Ninasam Satish, Malavika, Suchindra Prasad, Honnavalli Krishna are perfectly fit in their roles.

To impress the youths and bring in cheer in the minds V Harikrishna has contributed very well. Chandutiya it is song and captured - all lovers would take the excuse in doing such trick. The song - Bombe philosophical, Thund Haikla Sahavasa., Drama Hitavachana..are tailor made for the youths.

S Krishna in his comeback after `Mungaru Male' in the direction of Yogaraj Bhat has no flaws. The flaw of this film mainly is the length.

Worth a dekko once!

Score - 7/10




Rating: 0 / 5.0

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