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Drohi Music Review

Drohi Music Review
Indira Innovations
Srikanth, Vishnu, Poonam Bajwa, Poorna and Pooja
Mano Akkineni
Not a let down completely
IndiaGlitz [Thursday, September 9, 2010 • தமிழ்] Comments

`Drohi' is a film by the women director Sudha K. Prasad. It is an action movie about two high energy friends who love and hate each other to the same degree. A pucca action genre set in the mean North Chennai area.

The director Sudha has worked with Mani Ratnam and debuts as an independent film as a director. Mano Akkineni, the grand daughter of late L.V.Prasad, has produced the film under the banner Indira Innovations.

Music for the film is by Selva Ganesh, who made an impression with his first film `Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu'. His second film `Nil Gavani Sellathey' was launched recently. This is his third.

1. Sama Sama Yama Yama

Singers: Karthik, Silambarasan, Maya

A pettai rap with catchy rhythm. Street challengers fight it out. Selva Ganesh has used the routine rhythms for this `carefree' song. But we like it. Credit must largely go to the singers for the sustenance. Credit says Silambarasan has sung, but you could not figure it.

2. Konjam Konjam Vendum

Singers: Ranaina Reddy, Srikanth

"Konjam Konjam Vendum" has the peppy polish of songs like `Kathazha Kannale' and `Aatama Therottama'. Actor Srikanth raps for the first time in this song and he does it fairly well. Foot tapping rhythm, the lyric and the flavoured voice of Renaina is a temptation. .

3. Adi Kutti Maa

Singers: Karthik, Maya, Sricharan, Suchithra

A love song with not much drooling. Karthik as always great. Suchitra has tried melody for a change but she pulls it off. Whacky lyrics are passable. Interludes are more romantic than the main song.

4. Samlbhavaami Yuge

Singer: Shankar Mahadevan

A war song provoking the hero to revenge. Shankar Mahadevan's high pitch is fiery suiting the mood and genre.

5. Vaalaatum Rowdy Kuttam

Singers: Sowmta Rao, Maya Sricharan

A children group song with the heroine of course. Singing for breaking free and a bit philosophical for a woman.  Children take the chorus interludes. Guitars and strings in perfect agreement. Reminds of `Kadavul Oru Naal' from Shanthi Nilayam.

6. Drohi Theme

Singers: Bigg Nikk, Maya Sricharan

The story of the two lead characters men in rap. The feel is hot-blooded. Beats are ballistic. Reminds B to the A - BABA.

Selva Ganesh looks more a functional music director and not a conventional melody maker. He sticks to the basics of the script and doesn't want do anything other than what the director wants. Most of his songs so far are shorties which tell his usefulness. However most of his songs also remind of some earlier songs. He is talented no doubt but should do some daring melodies to prove purists that he has the stuff.