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Video: Drunk girlfriend gives semi-naked lap dance to male passengers in airplane

Wednesday, September 5, 2018 • Tamil Comments

Video: Drunk girlfriend gets semi-naked and gives lap dance in airplane

Flight travels may be your idea of literally being away from the nonsense noise of the bustling crowd. Thousands of metres above, you might feel insured from annoying creepy humans. But things went berserk for Easy Jet travelers when a brunette allegedly started doing lap dances flashing her breasts to co-male passengers.

Might’ve been awkward for her boyfriend who was traveling with her. We pity him too. The girl was reportedly in an inebriated condition. Guess what, the male passengers were also encouraging her by giving her more drinks. Things got a lot messy when another lady got really pissed off slapped the drunk girl’s hand away and a lot more passengers jammed in making a bawl out of it. 

The flight was Sapin-bound from England and the lady was handcuffed by officials after the plane’s landing. We really do hope she has a fine future ahead.