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Dynamite Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, September 4, 2015 • Telugu ]
Dynamite Review
24 Frames Factory
Vishnu Manchu, Pranitha Subhash , J. D. Chakravarthy ,
Deva Katta
Manchu Vishnu

Despite a non-riveting 'Autonagar Surya', the very name of director Deva Katta rings a positive echo.  That makes 'Dynamite' one of the awaited movies for the discerning audience.  The trailers threw up the image of an action entertainer spun around a kidnap drama; everyone almost concluded that Vishnu Manchu would be seen in the role of an intense, emotional and violent action performer.  So, with the expectations running high, nothing less than a recreation of the 'Arima Nambi' magic was expected.

The very opening scene is fashioned on the lines of hero intro scenes of a bygone era.  As a maid girl is molested by some goons, Shivaji (Vishnu) makes a brave entry just as his would-be heroine wonders if there is no real 'magadu'.  But Anamika (Praneetha) is after all not unintelligent like her yesteryear counterparts.  She can read a guy's mind like a psychologist; Shivaji is her best ever date.  She invites him to her apartment on a midnight, but in a sudden turn of shocking events, Anamika is kidnapped by some goons, Shivaji tries to catch them to no avail, the police are suspiciously recalcitrant while Shivaji is bewildered by the puzzling turn of events.

The remake of the 2014 Kollywood film 'Arima Nambi' stays faithful to its original even to the extent of enlisting its villain JD Chakravarthy to reprise the same role.  Although the story is not novel, the film has its share of thrilling moments, especially those involving Shivaji's mindgames with the cops led by Yog Japee.  A common man slowly getting himself sucked into a bloody game involving a big shot is an idea whose time is never over.

The spontaneous investigation involving upright police officer Nagineedu, who does his duty for the sake of a troubled commoner, and the whole episode on the night of the kidnap, are surely the first half's saving grace.  The second half has a 20-minute or something episode where Shivaji plays a confounding hide and seek with the police and this is the second and last of the film's big takeaways.

It was difficult to sustain the audience's interest after the revelation that some earth-shaking camera footage is being wanted by rowdies, but despite this limitation the film maintains its value for good.

Care should have been taken to project a bonding between Anamika and her father, now a murdered editor.  As for Praneetha's role, she gets to share screenspace with Vishnu throughout his struggle against a system that wants him killed.  The screenplay here lent the writer an opportunity to pen a rare moment for a song mirroring the mindset of the lead pair.  Instead, a force-fit item song soon after the interval dampens the pace.

Deva Katta makes an attempt to present a thriller-like film without a stamp of his own.  A faithful remake doesn't necessarily mean a regurgitation.

Dynamite doesn't pack punchlines either; Shivaji is content with making references to his now-dead father.  With no place for a separate comedy track, Achu's music is the only mechanism to present breakwaters to the serious proceedings.  Quite unlike what the title suggests, the proceedings are not overloaded with action sequences; a lengthy chase-n-action sequence suffices.

JD shows menace in the role of a political bigwig.  The scene involving Vishnu's confrontation with JD should have been on a different level instead of being at the level of a commoner's frustration with immoral politicos.

Vishnu gets a good image makeover.  His beard is well-styled and adds a zing to his angry young man's avatar.  His voice is a big asset for a role of this kind.  Praneetha looks glamorous but an emotional connect was somehow missing.

Nagineedu makes an impact after a long time.  Ravi Prakash impresses in a negative role.  Yog Japee is OK.   Praveen needs to reinvent himself to avoid being cast in same kind of roles.  JD is a cut above the rest.

Technical aspects like cinematography stand out.  Acchu's music needed better writing.

Verdict: A faithful remake of 'Arima Nambi', 'Dynamite' is a Vishnu show.  Two of the episodes are a big attraction.  A gripping tale of a common man's struggle against the sytem is marred by some lacunae.

Rating: 3.00 / 5.0

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