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Eerojullo Music Review

Eerojullo Music Review
Good Cinema Group & Maruthi Media House Production
Mangam Srinivas, Reshma, Saikumar Pampana, M.S.Narayana, Ambati Srinivas, Madhu Mani, Shankar Rao, Bhargavi, Venki, Vishnu Priya, Rakshitha, Bindhu, Rupa, Ragini, Kanna, N Tv Sai, Deva
S.K.N, M.Sivarami Reddy & Good Friends
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IndiaGlitz [Thursday, March 22, 2012 • తెలుగు] Comments

Ee Rojullo, coming as it does from a musical greenhorn, is an impressive album.  From folksy to irreverent to romantic and tragic, it has got all.  It is not high on Inventiveness.  The very many singers (from Rahul to Malavika to Geetha Madhuri and Hemachandra) add flavour.

Lyricists Kasarla Shyam and Karunakar Adigarlla could have been better.

Ring Tring

Artist(s): Rahul, Prudhvi
Lyricist: Kasarla Shyam

The folksy beat is catchy, but the song looks to have been inspired by a number from Sathyam.  Rahul and Prudhvi's vocals are lost in JB's beats.  Kasarla Shyam's lyrics mirror the spirit of the times in plain language.

Ninna Monna    Listen here

Artist(s): Malavika
Lyricist: Karunakar Adigarlla

This one makes for a good romantic song.  Malavika's mellifluous voice is enjoyable and the lyrics induce joie de vivre.  There is wonderment in the newly in love and JB's heart beat-like fortissimo gives the song its hearty feel.

Cell Song   Listen here

Artist(s): Rahul, Naga Sahithi, Revanth
Lyricist: Kasarla Shyam

Uniquely conceptualised, the song gives a glimpse of the thinking of youngsters whose love is anything but sincere.  Kasarla Shyam doesn't do a bad job though his lyrical sense is not inspiring.  The vocals are mundane and the musician did not do anything.

Ekindhi Le   Listen here

Artist(s): Hemachandra
Lyricist: Karunakar Adigarlla

This duet is not regular and this is what makes it somewhat special.  Karunakar Adigarlla's lyrics are a perfect fit.  Although JB seems to draw from a famous number at the outset, he shows novelty in due course.  Hemachandra's vocals add to the entertainment factor.

Edho Edho   Listen here

Artist(s): Geetha Madhuri, Revanth
Lyricist: Karunakar Adigarlla

Here is yet another song which celebrates the blossoming of love.  The girl and the boy term it 'Asha', 'Maya', et al before arriving at the right word: Prema.  Geetha Madhuri's honey-filled voice is brilliant and Revanth is not far behind with his appropriate voice.  And yes, JB belts out another best.

Kanureppalu   Listen here

Artist(s): Hemachandra
Lyricist: Karunakar Adigarlla

This short song of pathos lasts too early.  Hemachandra sounds good and Karunakar's lyrics are usually natural.