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Ek Niranjan Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, October 29, 2009 • Telugu ]
Ek Niranjan Review
Aditya Ram Movies
Prabhas, Kangana Ranaut, Sonusood, Posani Krishnamurali, Brahmaji, Brahmanandam and others
Puri Jagannadh
Aditya Ram
EK Niranjan

The second film in the combination of director Puri Jagannadh and hero Prabhas finally released this Friday to great expectations.  Coming with a storyline that is simple, it is packed with action and some already-seen moments.

Ek Niranjan is the story of an orphan who earns his livelihood by catching hold of the criminals and lawless individuals in the town and handing them over to the police.  The dangerous profession Chotu (Prabhas) has chosen often puts his life in jeopardy but this does not worry him for he knows he is 'ek niranjan', with neither a family of his own nor a girl with whom he can have miffts and huffs (Kasubusulade missu ledu).  While the search for his mother and father goes on, the Miss enters his life one fine day.  Sameera (Kangna Ranaut), a guitar teacher, is the sister of Madhav, a henchman who works in the gang of Johnny bhai (Sonu Sood).  Chotu is asked by the police to nab Madhav who is wanted by them for many crimes.  When Sameera is feeding her brother, Chotu enters and forcefully arrests him after causing much havoc (breaking her guitar, you know) in the house.
There develops a predictable chemistry between Chotu and Sameera.  As her brother reels behind the bars, Sameera reciprocates her love to Chotu.  Parallely, another story is taking place in the hero's life.  Though he does not have a care in the world for anyone in the world, when it comes to the one who knows the truth of who his parents are and where they live, he becomes soft with him.  The peddler who abducts children and makes them beggars had kidnapped Prabhas when he was still a toddler and he is in jail for the crimes.  For fifteen years, Chotu pleads with him to tell him about his parents, but to no avail.  There is another villain in Jhonny's gang called Kailash who is arrested for allegedly murgdering a minister on the behest of Posani, who now wants Kailash to die so the world does not know the truth that the he was behind the minister's assassination.   He is the son of Tanikella Bharani whom Prabhas befriends through Sameera.  The hero takes it upon himself to stop Jhonny from killing Kailash.  How Chotu elimates Johnnybhai and meets his parents forms the rest of the film.
Ek Niranjan sounds too routine and ordinary.  If Prabhas's self-forgetful dancing in a crowdy area (title track) and his ramrod valour are entertaining, the writer could have mad his character look more brilliant.  In a film that has a character speaking philosophically about how the Almighty concocts games with men, there could have been some depth. Given the kind of storytelling we see in Puri's films, one feels there is no Midas Touch here.  Everything is so bland and pale.  Be it the characterisation or action or comedy, nothing seems new or different.  It is Prabhas's energy and verve that help the audience cling to seats.  Not just him, the film is watchable for Sonu Sood, who delivers a superb performance.  With Brahmaji, he makes the proceedings peppy.  Watching the conversations he strikes with his assistant or the adulation he expresses after every scene with Prabhas is entertaining.
The scene in which the heroine expresses her love for Prabhas is heart-touching.  However, one is forced to confess that this is not the kind of character an able actress like Kangna should have got.  Playing a glamorous role, she is milk-and-water. The bloody look in the climax is churning and peevish. 
Surprisingly, the comedy track is hopeless.  Puri, who is bright at creating comedy situations, does not show intelligence here.  Like a B-grade director, he makes the show with Brahmanandam and his girlfriend worse and more worse.  Ali and Sunil, both do not make you laugh even for a moment.
Ek Niranjan is saved by Prabhas, Sonu Sood and Mani Sharma's fine tunes.  Nothing else is worth mentioning.

Released on : 29th October, 2009

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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