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Enakku Innoru Per Irukku Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, June 17, 2016 • Tamil ]
Enakku Innoru Per Irukku Review
Lyca Productions
G.V.Prakash, Anandhi
Sam Anton
A. Subashkaran
Enakku Innoru Per Irukku

Royapuram, what comes to your mind immediately? Gangster, murder, local, Madras Baashai all that? My friend certainly disagrees and claims it’s more than just that, and surely anyone who actually belongs to that community would agree. That said Kollywood’s love for Royapuram is not new, for years movies have been made on who becomes the dada head or Thala or Mass or call it whatever of Royapuram. In “Enaku Inoru Peru Iruku”, the movie is about who wins over the prestigious “Naina” title. Before we realize its GV Prakash’s fourth film as a hero and the musician turned actor sure does make a mark by choosing the right kind of script with enough dosage of comedy and action. With such a fiery title the movie sure should have enough action quotient, does it? Lets find out.

Every hero has his own essence and charisma, the style, mannerism and even the choice of movie genre creates more and more fans. GV again has chosen a script which should cater the needs of today’s youth, action, romance, comedy and yes with a pinch of adult humor here and there. After Pencil, GV looks to have continued what he started off in Trisha ilana Nayanthara, his boyish charm is something to look out for. He plays the guy who dreads blood almost instantly, so much that he freaks out everyone around him too. While this is happening in one place, not far away is Saravanan who plays the aging  “Naina” of Royapuram. It’s a delight to see one of Kollywood’s finest actors in a role which gives him enough amount of screen space to perform. He is seen as the aging gangster who looks to pass on his “Naina” role to his son-in-law. Now what happens rest is quite straight forward and easy to predict, how it weaves out forms the rest of the plot.

Instead of springing twists and turns, the director rather capitalizes on slapstick comedy, through the film GV is seen in a familiar role as the guy who has a hard time with his girl. His innocence is probably the biggest strength, here he is as a simpleton who loves a girl and suddenly realizes that he is trapped in the web of gangsters who portray him as the next boss, he challenges himself to the situation and how he comes out of it forms the story. The movie tries and tries to thrive on the comic quotient, passing off brilliantly occasionally and sometimes fails to invoke any laughs. After building up a first half with mob fights and the race for power, the second half is all about how GV overcomes his phobia and becomes the pride of the community.

The talented Karunas mimics Kalakeya from Baahubali, he is aided by Yogi Babu and if you are a fan of Templemonkeys and their channel in youtube should know the guy who comes as GV’s sidekick through the first half. So with a number of comedians, local slangs, a bunch of rowdies, the director has managed to beef up a comical movie that thrives more on dialogues than the situation itself. This is the second time Anandhi joins up with GV after Trisha Ilana Nayanthara, their chemistry is quite on the spot but the talented actress seem to miss out most of the scenes with her screen space limited to songs.

Comical dialogues are probably the movie’s biggest strength, there is this one instance when Nirosha calls Saravanan Anna and the reaction from Saravanan is priceless, he is heartbroken but still manages with a weird smile. Karunas and Yogi Babu do their share of gimmicks and are sure to feature a good laugh. But it’s the same humor that creates problems too, most often the jokes are very monotonous and has been established various tested and tried methods fails to invoke laughter. The screenplay too with a predictable plot doesn’t offer much to entertain. By introducing many comedians and actors like VTV Ganesh, Mota Rajendar, Mansur Ali Khan the director tries to beehive around the wafer thin script.

GV’s music too is average apart from the gaana songs which should do the trick now and then. Krishnan does a neat job behind the lens especially through the night life and chase sequences. The film should do well with the youth for it does tickle the funny bone now and then.

Verdict: EIPI is a simple gangster movie that should work with the youth for its comical quotient.

விமர்சனத்தை  தமிழில் படிக்க இங்கே கிளிக்  செய்யவும்

Rating: 2.50 / 5.0

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