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Endendigu Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, May 1, 2015 • Kannada ]
Endendigu Review
Ajai Rao, Radhika Pandit
Imran Sardhariya
S.V Babu
V Harikrishna

Endendigu Movie Review

It is glorious film for the family on various fronts. Debutant in direction Imran Sardhariya makes a wonderful preparation in respecting the true love against all odds. Look at his sense in even making a grandmother tech savvy. Look at the generation next thinking in director Imran. It is impressive and in 120 minutes and 19 seconds he takes us to Sweden with sweet locations. Producer SV Babu is known for family entertainer films made the precise move in giving new thought to this love story. In the days of break up and quitting life partners by messages, SV Babu thought of holding the lovers united under stressful condition is appreciable.

The film is over all delectable for the one and only cameraman Venkatesh Anguraj. He has set high standards in his takings and once you take a trip to Sweden after watching this film you would definitely recognize the locations. V Harikrishna another top scorer of the film makes every song filled with melody and lovely lines are added to his advantage. When dialogue writer says ‘Marriage is like a Gharbagudi’ we feel like patting this youngster.

It is definitely the cute couple on screen in Krishna Ajay Rao and Radhika Pandit. The presence of veterans in a few scenes is also apt choice and the concern of the family you would see in every family. The concern for farmers by this youngster Imran Sardhariya in his subject is another issue that deserves applauds.

What is this ‘Endendigu’ all about? It is lovers at peak of attachment going haywire when the hallucination of female protagonist disturbs her.

The happily married couple Krishna (Krishna Ajay Rao) and Jyothi (Radhika Pandit) comes to Sweden not for honeymoon but for the top project of Krishna. It is also the wish of the astrologer of the family that the marital life of Krishna and Jyothi should commence in a foreign country.

So the sweet couple in Sweden is not that happy go lucky. The hallucination of Jyothi is the great worrying point. At the interval time the audiences are made to believe that Krishna is dead. After interval we find that the imagination at peak of Jyothi leads to complications. It is two more times the hallucination disturb the couple. On the final occasion they meet with a road accident and it is also what Jyothi had foreseen. There is a childhood flashback also for Jyothi reacting sharply for her dreams. The sweet couple after meeting in an accident what happens? You have to watch this haunting film. In acting Radhika Pandit is top scorer. Not only looking sweet, Radhika Pandit is ‘Pandit’ of acting understood the situations very well and given apt emotions. Radhika Pandit role connects many girls in the society. The immense love she expresses is also pointer to the present day girls. Radhika Pandit would be a good competitor to awards from ‘Endendigu’.

Krishna Ajay Rao gets the best outfits and his talent in acting is improving. In two action scenes he steals the show. How best you can keep a guard on your lover – you should know from this couple of ‘Endendigu’.

Shanthamma, Ashok, Kalyani, Pavitra Lokesh, Tabla Naani, Dattanna gives their best performance. V Harikrishna tunes are in high order and he looks at the needs of all classes. The title track is very haunting. The bachelor party song Friendu Madhuve Undu Kai Tolkoli….is for all times, Iduvarege Ittirada Hejje Idu… also right lines for director Imran Sardhariya as he makes his first step in direction.

Venkatesh Anguraj never drops in his excellence in one occasion. When he comes to Sweden he romanced with the locations beautifully. The top angle shots are real beauty from his work.

The editing, dialogues, art direction, costume selections are well attended for this film ‘Endendigu’. This is a film for all past, present and future lovers. It is also feast for family audience. You can easily watch this film for some of the fine moments from SV Productions on silver screen.

Score - 8.5/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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