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Endrendrum Review

Endrendrum Review
Sathish, Priyanka Reddy
S Sinish


IndiaGlitz [Saturday, March 8, 2014 • Tamil] Comments

It is no more mere mushy romance, thrillers have become the order of the day. Debutante Sinish Sreedharan has come up with a story of his own, narrating his outlook on thriller, with 'Endrendrum'. We've seen ghost stories, we've seen horror movies, but this one is a very different outlook on thriller, and is far from the ordinary. If you were impressed with the concept of after-life, then welcome to the concept of another-life.

Charles (Sathish) shifts to Chennai after the death of his mother and moves into a house in lent. As he dwells in his sorrow, all by himself, he discovers a letter in the house, addressed to Diana. Soon afterwards, he also sees Diana yelling at him for dirtying her house. He believes it is his imagination, due to his inebriation. However he finds her in the house once again and decides to discuss the matter with his friend Ganesh (Bala), who suggests he consents the priest about it, who in turn dismisses it as mere imagination. Later, Charles discovers that Diana (Priyanka Reddy) is visible only to him and starts interacting with her and eventually finds out where she vanishes. On researching a little further, Charles finds out that Diana was a teacher who met with an accident and is currently in coma, and that it is her soul seeking revenge that approaches Charles for help. How he helps her forms the story.

Though the concept is quite new, the film is rather predictable and even dragging as it proceeds. Kids who play school students in the second half are entertaining a great deal, however the protagonists fail to impress as much as the kids in the side track do. Cinematography is perfect in the movie, with innovative angling and capture frames. Dharan's music is magical, be it in the songs or in the background score. However there seems to be too many songs in the film that's is quite short. 'Endrendrum' is technically strong, but lags behind in screenplay. Despite being a thriller, the intensity of the word dies within the first twenty minutes. The film seems to break abruptly at intermission and lacks a holistic conclusion, in addition to the disappointing portrayal of haunting. In all,  'Endrendrum' is a technically sound ensemble that fails to entertain.

Rating: 1.25/5

Verdict: Fails to impress


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