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Erad Ondla Mooru Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, May 23, 2015 • Kannada ]
Erad Ondla Mooru Review
Chandan, Shwetha

Title - Eradondla Mooru, Producers - Deepak Patil and Nalini Nagaraj, Direction - Kumar Datta, Music - AM Neel, Cinematography - Naveen Kumar, Cast - Chandan, Shwetha Pandit, Shobitha, Sidlingu Sridhar, Gopi, Aradhya, Mithra, Ranjani and others.

In his debut direction Kumar Datta has shown that he has the stuff but not projected it in apt style. He follows the trend of ‘Simple Ag Ond Love Story’ and double meaning dialogues could have been avoided as the end product - sacrifice saga is brilliantly narrated. He wanted speed in the first half and second half should have been completed with not much of time. Instead of 142 minutes, he could have reduced to 120 minutes. The precise editing in director was essential.

For this generation, this kind of love story is well thought. The concern of a friend, the love at any disparity, sacrifice all rolled with the backdrop of a play and relating to the love story is really good. The character of Sneha doing a fine job is also appreciable. One would feel a friend like this should be in real life. Falling in love with the protagonist and finally giving it up to her friend with great concern is laudable thought of this director Kumar Datta.

In a nut shell ‘Eradondla Mooru’ is about threesome - Sneha (Shwetha Pandit), Priti (Shobitha) and Prem (Chandan). Prem is in love with Priti. Sneha does not allow this to further grow so easily. Sneha advices Prem to keep away from Priti goes in vain. The love of Prem is very strong for Priti. Sensing some specialty in Prem, Sneha takes him to meet Priti. In the process Sneha opens up her past and we find that she is a director of stage plays. At one point of time Sneha fall in love with Prem. She adjust easily and when she is about to bring Prem to the house of Priti there is suspense. Sneha and Priti disappear from the scene. Prem goes mentally sick. Why Sneha has taken a inhuman step from the point of view of Prem? You know it from the humanity and concern of Sneha.

It is a career best performance from Shwetha Pandit. She is daring too puffing cigarettes. Instead of sitting in socially relevant discussion in channel houses Shwetha Pandit should take up this kind of meaningful roles. She is a good contender for a few awards from this film.

Chandan looks perfect for this role. He is a growing actor and sure to give competition for others in his career that is already flourishing from small screen to big screen. Shobitha has a quiet role. She has done well. Sidlingu Sridhar has done a fine job in supporting role.

AM Neel has given splendid songs and three songs are worth remembering again. A classical song, and Agale Tadavagide..are good ones. Naveen Kumar has given good visual treat especially in the outdoor shoot.

This is a passable film and you should have patience.

Score - 6/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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