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'Evaru' casts me in an intense role: Regina Cassandra

Monday, August 12, 2019 • Tamil Comments

Regina Cassandra awaits the release of 'Evaru' this August 15. In this interview, catch her talk about her role in the thriller, the experience of working with Venkat Ramji (debutant director) and actor Adivi Sesh, her future projects and more.

A stoic, complex character

Sameera comes with stoic expressions. I pictured the character as soon as I listened to the script. Director Venkat Ramji told me that I was always his first choice to play the role. This is the most intense character I have ever played. This is my first full-fledged intense role that gave me so much to do in the film.

Sporting short hair

Ramji was a little against me having short hair in the movie. But once he saw my look, he was convinced. When you see the film, you will know how the film navigates through mirror reflections. With elaborate rehearsals, it became comfortable slowly and surely to slip into the role.

Dubbing was back-breaking

I did dub for my role in 'Nakshatram'. But 'Evaru' is the first film in which I have done for a full-fledged role and dubbed for my character. I took me 70 hours to complete and the director was always by my side during the entire process.

A socialite who is a victim

Sameera is the wife of a CEO. She is a socialite. She is very calm and doesn't talk much. When you ask her questions, she answers to the point. She has worked really hard to be what she is today. An incident happens in her life and she is the victim. Vikram Vasudev (Adivi Sesh) is the investigator and she handles his questions.

I give my all

I can't say whether 'Evaru' will upgrade my career. Till date, I have never done any film with such intentions in mind. When I did 'AWE', I gave my everything. Right from my hairstyle, I gave my everything to it. I only see what I can give to a film. Ramji gave me the liberty to play Sameera the way I wanted. You won't see Regina in the film. It's only the character that you will see.

Doesn't resemble 'Badla'

I have watched 'Badla' (Hindi) and I don't think 'Evaru' is similar to it. The audience will know it soon.

Sesh is fabulous

Sesh is an amazing actor. 'Evaru' is his kind of genre. We did a lot of rehearsals for this cat-and-mouse game-kind screenplay. As you see in the trailer, there is a lot of interrogation going on. The relationship we share in the film is distinct. On set, he always eats my food. I don't know why he loves my food and always irritates me for fun!

No to vulgarity

The term bold is often misunderstood. There is a thin line of difference between bold and vulgar. I can't do a vulgar film. I would like to be taken seriously. I have played a lesbian and it's akin to breaking social barriers. Many have told me they are happy that a commercial heroine did that. I have a few friends in the LGBTQ community and they complimented me on the role.

Career is in my control

My career is not over yet. It's not over until I decide it's over. When I debuted in 2011, I didn't know anything about the film industry. I took my time to understand rules and protocols. Me being me, I have always been unpredictable. I have always believed that I have to rely on my own experiences. Whatever an actor does is out there in the public. My mistakes and my right choices are out in the open. Whatever I have done so far, I am responsible for it. My miscalculations have taught me lessons.

Upcoming films

I have a few offers in the pipeline in Telugu. But the announcements will be made later. I am holding meets for films in Bollywood as well. In Telugu, two films are waiting to be released. In the Hindi film industry, they don't stereotype you. A lot of nice offers are coming.

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