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Evaru Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, August 26, 2016 • Telugu ]
Evaru Review
Tarak Ratna and Yamini
Venkata Ramana Selva
Muppa Ankamma Chowdary
Yogeshwar Sharma

There comes a point while watching 'Yevaru' when you start wondering if Yamini Chandrasekhar (played by Panchi Bora) has been blundering along by keeping faith in and engaging a inquisitive-to-a-fault journalist-turned-self-styled-hypnotist (Sekhar, played by Tarak Ratna).  Such is the screenplay in the second half that it's difficult to know who is squandering away more time: Is it Sekhar, Yamini, Sedrochi (the evil), or Suman, the 'mantrik'-cum-psychiatrist.

Yamini suffers from hypersomnia.  When her would-be husband comes to know of the presence of one Sekhar in her life, knowing whom Yamini denies suspiciously, the film presents a flashback.  Yamini was in danger of being devoured by an evil spirit arrested by her father's brother a generation ago.  Sekhar, a sceptic with a scientific bent of mind, doesn't believe in such forces.  He has done his research on the subject and upon a common friend's interference, takes it upon himself to help Yamini get rid of fear.  As he spends days together in Yamini's house, strange events take place, complete with a dream that has a message to tell him.

Suman's character, which has been urging Sekhar to see the truth, suffers.   Whatever happened to Sekhar?  Who and how was Yamini saved from the powerful evil spirit?  Answers to these questions are revealed in the climax.

Director Ramesh Salwa has blighted a potentially good idea.  The film should have taken a different route right after the interval, that is, Sekhar's character should have displayed greater sense, thereby determining the proceedings to the extent desired.  Instead, the narration gets bogged down by a male lead's inclination for trial and error 'bakwaas'.  In the end, all that you have is a narration that is full of cliches or half-hearted sketches (a male lead who writes off Yamini's genuine fears, a love story that comes through only in one song, etc).

The story line is no doubt good, especially the denouement breaks the conventions.  However, the execution had no clue as to how tempo ought to be built, where, and to what end.  Take the heroine's performance.  Panchi puts up a convincing act to begin with, only to seem sketchy in the latter half.  Yamini is either neglected or failed by poor execution where she is not neglected.

There is no edge-of-the-seat feel even in the climax.  The lousy technical output only ensures that any semblance of intelligent writing (if at all) doesn't get projected through camera angles or a decent BGM.

As for the performances, Tarak and Panchi shine through.  Panchi looks good, and is convincing in the first half.  Tarak needs to be offered more such non-routine roles.  Suman and Nasser do a good job.

The less said about the BGM and the cinematography, the better.  The song 'Ounanna' is enjoyable, audio-wise.

Verdict:  A supernatural, psychological thriller which just is too reckless in its ways.  A male lead's character which should have been different, a lack of detailing, and sub-standard technical output spoil the broth.

ఎవరు తెలుగు వెర్షన్ మూవీ రివ్యూ

Rating: 2.00 / 5.0

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