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Everything you need to know before watching Avengers 3

New to Marvel Universe? Here's what you need to know:

Are you new to Marvel’s never ending superhero overload? Or you have probably booked tickets for the Avengers 3 this weekend and would like to refresh since what happened 10 years ago when Iron Man joined Fury to form the deadly yet delightful bunch of high protein superheroes "The Avengers". No problem, here is a quick glimpse on what happened over 18 movies that led down the lane to this final battle – Infinity Wars which is part 1 of the series finale.

Who are the Avengers?

As quoted from the movie - "Earth's mightiest heroes"! Brought together by Nick Fury, commander of the S.H.I.E.L.D, their main purpose is to defend Earth from domestic and alien forces. It started with Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye and THE HULK. But since then they have moved on with almost 30 superheroes of which several characters had solo movies and sequels too.

Infinity Stones:

Of 18 movies made till date, somehow all movies head towards this Infinity wars. The fight for these Infinity stones which means whoever possesses all of this six stones will unleash unlimited power. So each of these stones were mentioned in different movies like Captain America First Avenger, Guardians of Galaxy and so on. So our main villain of this part - Thanos (will come to him later) once gains these artifacts can assemble a weapon called the Infinity Gauntlet, which is enough to wipe out human race.

Thanos the Monstrous Villain:

He first appeared in the post credits scene of the first Avengers movie; revealing he was the one behind Loki (estranged brother of super hero Thor) to try and crush humanity. Thanos is THE VILLAIN, yes huge, powerful with a strange bit of sarcasm out there to destroy everything that comes in his way. Infinity Wars is about his battle for the stones with the Avengers. So far Thanos has not appeared majorly in any of the movies apart from just a few post credits scenes and in Guardians of Galaxy, looks like we will learn more about him in Avengers 3.


This is the home of the superhero Black Panther. The Infinity war movie is set to take place here where Thanos’s army will take its might on Wakanda which is rich and superior in technology with a powerful army at its helm too. As seen in the trailers there will be a major war set in Wakanda which might pave way for the next part.

Avengers meet Guardians of Galaxy:

The main agenda of Avengers started by protecting Earth, however it expanded across the universe over time with the entry of Thor “The God of Thunder” from Asgard a different planet. So as the hunt for the stones and fight with baddies went on, the Marvel Universe expanded across to other parts of the galaxy where we see yet another bunch of weirdos – Guardians of Galaxy who fight their own battles for greed and goodness. So this part will see Avengers and Guardians of Galaxy meeting to fight out their common nemesis – Thanos.

The astounding heroes of Marvel:

While the grapevine is that there at least 22 superheroes in the movie, the major players have their own separate movies along with sequels. Take a sneak at the superheroes who will feature in the Infinity war movie - Marvel's astounding Universe

What next:

The best part about Marvel is that, until the premiere on April 23rd, nobody apart from the core technical team has seen the film yet. Nope, not even Iron Man, Captain America or the Hulk. They all have filmed their portions and left, so what happens in the climax or what future holds for them is indeed a mystery. Best to watch and find out if your favorite character survives the battle and goes on the next part.

Secret of Avengers movie:

18 movies and every single time Marvel has struck gold with good reviews and box office collection. Without a doubt technology and CGI has its contribution, but the reality is simple. None of the movies are dark, sober, revenge etc. They are light hearted and plain simplistic comical dialogues have helped so far and would be interesting to see how Avengers 3 has panned out. So who do you think will survive in this movie? Please comment your views on your Avengers experience in the below comments section.