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Evoking Emotion and Inspiration: The Reel Fathers of Tamil Cinema

Saturday, June 15, 2019 • Tamil Comments

Appa. These two syllables hold so much meaning, it can’t even be expressed in words sometimes. There is one medium that captures the emotions perfectly though... cinema. Movies have seen their fair share of fathers, who bring alive some of our own cherishable moments. Here’s presenting to you some of the best fathers Tamil Cinema has ever seen. 

Vijay - Theri

Thalapathy Vijay has proved on multiple occasions that he can do justice to any role. A doting father in real life, this part would have come very easily to him. The film itself talks about the role of fathers in the upbringing of children and portrays Vijay as a sensitive and caring friend cum dad. He acted as the parent of Baby Nainika, daughter of actress Meena, in this film. 

Ajith - Yennai Arindhaal/ Viswasam 

Thala Ajith has now come to be known for his father roles with Anikha in Yennai Arindhal and Viswasam. The father-daughter songs from both movies, ‘Unakenna Venum Sollu’ and ‘Kannaana Kanney’ are huge hits because they portray the bond between the two perfectly. 

Rajinikanth - Kabali

In this film, Superstar Rajnikanth is separated by circumstances from his pregnant wife. Leave alone seeing his daughter (played by Dhansika), he doesn’t know for long if his child is alive. The first time he sees his daughter is when she fights the men who are after his life. In an emotional moment, the father and child reunite after years. 

Kamal - Papanasam/ Mahanadi

Papanasam portrays Kamal as a protective father who will go to any extent to keep his daughter safe. What stands out from the film is the way he stands by her side despite all circumstances. Mahanadi shows the heartbreaking tale of a father’s struggle of losing his children after going to jail. Kamal beautifully captures the emotions of a father who is in search of his children. 

Sathyaraj - Kanaa/ Raja Rani

In Kanaa, Sathyaraj stands up against his village and the views of society to support the dreams of his daughter. The role ably carried off by Sathyaraj and Aishwariya Rajesh will always be remembered for the bond they shared. Raja Rani is another film in which the actor plays the role of a progressive father who is more a friend to his daughter, Nayanthara. The pair evokes our tears with their acting. 

Suriya - Vaaranam Aayiram

Suriya’s double role as father and son in this film brings out the friendship that exists in the special relationship. The father is always understanding and supportive of his son who is plunged in the throes of life when his lover dies. This is a tale of a father helping his son deal with heartbreak, a sight that is seldom seen. 

Vikram - Deiva Thirumagal

Vikram and Baby Sara show that the love of a father triumphs over everything. This movie portrays how a man with intellectual disability proves that he is more than his limitations with the affection and love he has for his daughter. That one ‘Life is Beautiful’ court scene can get us all crying every single time.  

Madhavan - Kannathil Muthamittal 

This classic drama traces the story of a young girl who finds out she's adopted and wants to meet her real mother. Her father shoulders her dreams as his own as they set off to a war-ridden zone in Sri Lanka. Madhavan and PS Keerthana are practically flawless in this story which will touch the hearts of all parents. 

Prakash Raj - Abhiyum Naanum/ Santosh Subramaniam

In Abhiyum Naanum Prakash Raj essays the role of a father who will do just anything for his daughter. But when a groom enters the picture, he fears that he will be pushed aside. How he tries to deal with the situation makes up the rest of the film which the actor carries off very convincingly as usual. Santosh Subramaniam sees him as an over-involved father who decides everything for his son thinking he knows best. Again, he proves that no one else could have played the role better. 

Raghuvaran - Yaaradi Nee Mohini

Raghuvaran who is known for his villain roles is as good in the shoes of a father. In this film, the love for his son is masked by his constant criticism that is born out of concern for his son’s well-being. Though his words may not show it, the father's actions speak loud and clear, whether it is wearing with pride the clothes his son bought him, buying a bike for him or trying to help him with his love interest. 

Manoj Kumar - Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga

Here is a father who goes to the extent of sacrificing his life so that his son gets a job. Manoj Kumar jumps off the platform onto the tracks so his son, played by Sivakarthikeyan, gets a platform to put his life back on track. Sivakarthikeyan who lost his own father while he was quite young has brought out the pain of losing his ‘God’ as realistically as is possible. 

There are a few things in life that we just can’t choose and parents are one example. You may not be able to choose your father in real life but you can choose your favourite reel father… So which one is it going to be? 

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