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'F2' will have entertainment & message: Venkatesh

Wednesday, January 9, 2019 • Telugu Comments

F2 will have entertainment & message: Venkatesh

Venkatesh awaits the release of 'F2' ('Fun & Frustration') on January 12.  In this interview, he talks about the movie, the experience of doing it, his future projects and more.  

How was it working on the movie?

This is my first film since 'Guru'.  I listened to a lot of scripts after that sports drama came out.  But most of them didn't impress me.  Some of the projects couldn't be made.  Finally, I loved the script offered by Anil Ravipudi.  This is my kind of story and character.  It was a special experience also because I got to work with youngsters such as Varun Tej.  They teach a lot of new things.  It works the other way round as well.  

What kind of a comedy are we in for?

I and Varun will be seen as 'Thodallullu'.  The screenplay is funny by contrasting their lives as 'Before marriage' and 'After marriage'.  We can say a lot of funny things about the problems that marriages throw up and wives pose.  But, it must be admitted that, without women, there is no progress in this Universe.

Your movie is coming for Sankranthi after a long time.  How do you see it?

I am very happy that my film is releasing for Sankranthi for the first time since 'Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu'.  We have seen how the family audience are accepting good movies like never before.  Doing this film was an enthusiastic experience.  Without any conscious effort, I did a lot of 'improvs'.  It happens only when you are involved totally into the character.  

What are your comments on the director?

Anil Ravipudi is a fine talent.  Since he is a writer, he knows how to develop ideas on sets.  He can imagine things right away if a scene has to be more effective. The way he has molded my character and wrote the scenes, I feel that he must have watched all my previous movies.  I am very happy with this movie.  As an actor, when I look back at my movies, I feel I should have done a few things in a better way.

What kind of characters do you look for?

I have no particular wishes about doing this or that character.  I am waiting for characters that will bring out the entirety of my talent.  Nature knows best what to give to me.  I am choosing the scripts and characters that I like the most.  I do want to try different subjects like an Aamir Khan and an Amitabh Bachchan.  I like to do 'Baahubali'-type movies as well.  

How was it working with the Mega hero?

Varun and I got along really well in a short time.  I observe that he is doing films without getting into an image trap.  He has spoken in Telangana slang in 'F2'.  He looks fine as a personality.  His scenes with Mehreen are really good.  

What is your take on the 'Me Too' movement?

I don't want to comment on it.  Don't expect me to say anything juicy about it.  But whoever speaks of her experience (of sexual abuse) should be listened to.

What is the secret of your fitness?

I enjoy my life every single day.  I stay disciplined.  There is nothing more than that.  I don't care much about what others do and say.  I observe the sunrise, I enjoy the birds.  I always wish that everyone should be happy.

What are your upcoming movies?

'Venky Mama' with Bobby will co-star Naga Chaitanya. I have a project lined up with Trivikram Srinivas.  Anil Ravipudi is readying one more script for me.  I have to see which of the latter two will fall into place first.  I have a very good role in 'Venky Mama'.  Equally good is Chaitanya's.

Don't you look for any image in particular?

I never understand the meaning of the word 'image'.  Cinema is a business venture. Image is not something that will come to me if I want it.  It's beyond me.  It has to be given by the people.  That's why I don't think about image.  My producers and distributors should make money every time.  Beyond that, things are not in my control.

How is your life on social media going?

I like Instagram more than other platforms.  I love photography personally.  I keep posting Nature-related pics.  I can't handle other platforms that easily.  

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