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Farhan Akhtar responds to 'Toofan' and 'Sultan' comparisons

Friday, July 16, 2021 • Hindi Comments

Farhan Akhtar responds to Toofan and Sultan comparisons

Actor Farhan Akhtar is all set to appear as as underdog boxer in his upcoming inspirational sports drama 'Toofan'. Audience in our country have a tendency to make unfair comparisons. They are quick call a movie or show a copy just because it shares some elements from another show or movie. Farhan's 'Toofan' is being compared to Salman Khan's 2016 flick 'Sultan' which featured him in the role of a wrestler.

However, Farhan is unbothered by these comparisons. He said, "I don't get disturbed at all. The fact is people will discover what this film is about when they see it. When we announced we were making a film about boxing, people said we're ripping off Rocky. Now that they've seen the trailer, they think we've ripped off Sultan. And that is completely understandable."

He further added, "There may be elements of the structure that are similar, in terms of somebody who is good at what he did, lost it all, and had to get it back. But that story is so common of so many people. Say somebody succeeded in any other sport, cricket for example... Somebody may have got injured, went out, and came back and made it to the national team... You can say they have exactly the same story, but their journeys are never the same."

Farhan concluded by saying, "Who they are as people, how they react to things, what it is that compelled them to be there in the first place, what compelled them to go back are completely different things. No two people have the same journey."

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