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'Fasak' creator Mohan Babu enjoys spoofs!

Monday, September 3, 2018 • Telugu Comments

Fasak creator Mohan Babu enjoys spoofs!

Just as Lakshmi Manchu is chilled about spoofs and memes on her, so also is her father Mohan Babu.  At a time when 'Fasak' memes are doing the rounds on the Internet, the iconic actor has taken to Twitter to acknowledge the craze for the word 'Fasak', which was recently used by him in an interview to a national channel.  

"#fasak Good to know it’s trending! Vishnu Manchu tells me there are minimum 200 spoof videos! Saw some, really innovative and funny!" the veteran actor today tweeted.

Given the sense in which Mohan Babu used the word in the interview while explaining a scene from 'M Dharmaraju MA', 'Fasak' has come to mean the ultimate punch/shot for spoof makers.  

As one of the jokes goes, 'Fasak' is not a word any longer.  It's an emotion!  Shots from the movies of Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu and such big stars have been used to drive oh-so-many Fasak-related memes/spoofs.  This has become a sort of punch word for now, much like the word 'Fu*k' has seeped into pop culture for years now.  

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