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Feature Article: Tollywood Actresses Re-Imagined as Super-Heroines

Tollywood Actresses Re-Imagined as Super-Heroines

We all have looked at some of the super-heroines from the DC or Marvel comics and fell in love their elements. Be it their enigmatic charm, their powers, their intelligence, we just love super-heroines. But, what if I told you that our very own Tollywood actresses have the potential to be one of these super-heroines?

Don't believe me? Just click through the slideshow and watch for yourself!

10. Ileana D'Cruz as Black Widow:

A qualified ballerina with an extensive spirit of action, the Black Widow is not just an ordinary super-heroine; she is extraordinaire of all kinds of martial arts, boxing, feats, and stunts. Her incredible biotechnology helps her defend against even the most deadly of diseases. Her psychological powers include sharp memory, intelligence, and threat assessment. Ileana would fit the role perfectly because she comes off as a very strong and intelligent woman that exudes the magnetism of a true super-heroine.

09. Shraddha Das as Captain Marvel (female):

One of the most precious super powers of Captain Marvel female is that she has a special power of 7th sense. She has the power to mind-control, her vibe is more mysterious and vicious which doesn't give off much to the enemy and leaves them scratching their heads. This exactly describes Shraddha Das too, which is why she would be perfect for the role.

08. Lavanya Tripathi as Medusa:

Her hair is her majestic feature. Each of her hair strands is stronger than any metal in the world and has the elastic capability, which can be used well on the bad ones. Her stunning figure and her super sharp flight let her be faster than light. Lavanya Tripathi would fit the role well as she too is stunning and comes off as super sophisticated yet doesn't give off much on the outside.

07. Trisha as Scarlet Witch:

Scarlet Witch is the princess capable of manipulating minds, get what she wants, and exuding supernatural powers that are still unfolding. She is capable of things that one cannot imagine even in their wildest thoughts and her index of superpowers is ever going. Be it flight, manipulation, magic, mind-control, fights, and just about ANYTHING. She can do it and that's why Trisha can do this versatile role. You see, Trisha is known for her versatile, "ready-to-go" for anything attitude, which is why she'd fit the role.

06. Manchu Laxmi as Storm:

This super-heroine is capable of controlling the weather, magical potential, cunning and super-skilled. She is capable of doing just about anything without you noticing it. Manchu Laxmi has proved time and again that if you give her the most complicated role in the world, she would just slay the heck out of it in just a click. She comes off as this bad-gal who is very cunning, mysterious, straight-up intelligent and vile. And that is why she would nail the role perfectly.

05. Regina Cassandra as Batgirl:

Unlike other super-heroines, she does not possess any real supernatural powers yet she is extremely sharp, intelligent, and flexible, possesses strength, well trained and a loyalist. Regina comes off as very smart, intelligent and flexible, which is why she would fit in the role of Batgirl flawlessly.

04. Shriya Saran as Callisto:

The best power of Callisto is that she has incredible vision, including night vision. A peculiar quality that not many super-heroines have. She has acute capability of taste, smell, touch, and hearing. Shriya Saran has proved in Mallanna that she can be the saint and the sinner, she is the bad-guy and the good-guy too, which is exactly the attitude that would fit with the role of Callisto.

03. Tamannah Bhatia as Phantom Lady:

Batman is a super-genius with detective skills and indomitable spirit and will. He is extremely wealthy and his knowledge on science and his quick intelligence makes him one of the smartest superheroes out there. Varun Tej has this fire inside him that isn't as beastly like the Hercules but definitely classy and vibrant, like Batman. The intimidation factor which makes Batman more mysterious and mind-tricking is definitely there in Varun and that's why he'd suit the role of Batman well.

02. Shruti Hassan as Jean Grey: (Jean gray)

Jean Grey is the epitome of Immense cosmic abilities. She is Telepathic, warping reality, life-force control, flight, intelligence and more. Shruti Hassan comes off as the intelligent scientist that can take on the world without much difficulty, that's why she is incredibly capable of depicting a role like Jean Grey.

01. Pooja Hegde as Wonder Woman: (Wonder Woman)

The Goddess of Truth, Wonder Woman is capable of many supernatural powers like super-healing, endurance, master of all martial arts, intelligent, loyal, skilled fighter, flight, speed, strength, her costume is her defense and much more. Pooja Hegde has this honest and loyal vibe about her, which blends well with the element of Wonder Woman.

So, what do you think? Do you think I missed any super-heroines? How many of the above really got to your comic-mind?

Let us know in the comments below!.

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