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Film on 'Confession'
Friday, August 30, 2013 • Kannada Comments

The greatest belief of sin confession in the Roman Catholic Christian community is the subject for Kannada cinema ‘Aatma Saakshi’ that is ready with first print and audio consisting of three songs scored by AM Neel was released on Thursday evening.

It is well known writer Na D Souza story on confession titled ‘Papa Nivedhane’ in Taranga weekly magazine attracted director, producer and actor of the film Manu N. The system prevailing for confessing the sin and that would keep the rest of the life easy going is used in this film with cinematic touch.

Manu N from cinematography field with NFDS, NSD and Anupam Kher Acting School training taken up this unusual subject and this is the debut film of actress Shwetha Srivatsav who is very prominent today with the success of ‘Simple Agi Ondh Love Story’. Shwetha Srivatsav before this film played a small role in Sadashiva Shenoy directed ‘Prarthane’ Kannada cinema.

According to Manu the contents of this two hours cinema is mainstay of the film. He has the experience of directing documentary and corporate films.

Author of the story Na D Souza present at the audio release recalled that the story got published in a series twenty years ago was first asked producer Maruthi Shivaram. It could not happen. A few years ago Manu inquired on the rights and I have given him on the rights after watching his short film for BBC stated the veteran writer. This is the firth novel of the writer adopted in Kannada cinema.

Manu’s mother released the audio CD of the film and two songs and clips were shown on this occasion. Vikram Udayakumar, Lahari Velu and team members of the film ‘Aatma Saakshi’ were present. Actress Shwetha Srivatsav was absent to promote the film.