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Fionn Whitehead on Harry Styles: "He hasn't asked for any of this!"
Tuesday, July 4, 2017 • Hindi Comments

As we all know that the Dark Knight and Inception director, Christopher Nolan is now gearing up for his next big hit in Hollywood with Dunkirk which revolves around the subject of war.

The director is said to have hand-picked each and every member of the cast which includes Fionn Whitebread, Tom Hardy, Harry Styles and more.

Recently, Fionn Whitehead was interviewed by Digital Spy and he voiced out his frustration regarding the hysteria surrounding Harry Styles’ debut with Dunkirk in Hollywood.

He says “He's great. He's a good actor and a lovely guy”

He expresses “I think the hysteria – [perhaps] it should have been expected when you take a figure like that and give him a short back and sides and put him in a uniform.”

He continues "I think it's got a bit silly really. The meaning has got lost somewhere along the way and people have stopped realizing there's an amazing cast – including Harry – but there's, you know, the crème de la crème of actors."

“I think the focus should not be Harry Styles doing a movie, it should be on the piece in general or his ability to act. And he's great," says Whitehead.

He added, "People are putting too much emphasis on Harry being in it, but that is in no means a reflection on him.”

Fionn says "He hasn't asked for any of this (the attention). In terms of the media, they have put too much emphasis on this one guy instead of the piece as a whole and the ensemble as a whole."

Sounds like the actor had enough of Harry Styles=Dunkirk Equation, Which is totally understandable as Harry Styles too just wanted to “Experiment” around with acting and see if it works.

What do you think about Fionn’s thoughts?

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