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Fortunate To Have Landed With The Roles: Anushka
Monday, October 28, 2013 • Telugu Comments

Varna, the magnum opus, a VFX extravaganza, touted as the Indian answer to Hollywood’s Avatar with its inter-world love story, had seen its audio launched on the Sunday, the 27th October at a gala event in Hyderabad. Attended by several eminent producers and directors from Telugu film industry. The film unit was represented by the director Sri Raghava, hero Arya and music composer Harris Jairaj, all came straight from Chennai but have some following for their works in Telugu too and the producer Prasad V Potluri, who has earned a name for himself in the South Indian Film Industries as the 'Magnum Opus' producer with films like Vishwaroopam, Balupu and now, Varna.

But the cynosure of the evening has been the lady superstar of Telugu cinema, the one starlet that can be proudly cast into any powerful female character… Anushka. All the guests spoke about the woman, the friend, the sister, the family member but everyone saluted the human being in her.

She has done female dominated films and roles like Arundhathi before and now doing films like Rudrama Devi, Bahu Bali etc but as they all say, Varna is a new challenge altogether for the performer in her. The trailers and posters reveal that the challenge is well responded to and the promise well delivered too.

Some moments, words and guest-speak from the event....

Maruthi: I am a fan of Sri Raghava, the director of the film and Prasad is a passionate producer.

Gunnam Gangaraju: The popularity of Anushka is growing by movie, by day and I wonder if she has actually changed her gender coz she draws cheers from the crowds on par with any male star. PVP is close to me and I am sure this film will be watched with open mouth and thumping heart.

Gopichand Malineni: Sri Raghava is a director I am inspired of, especially his ‘7G Brindavan Colony’. PVP is a gutsy producer and the house is like a home production for me. This film, coming after my Balupu has got all the traits to become a huge success. Harris Jayaraj is a great musical brain. This film will stand out to be the Indian ‘Avatar’

DVV Danaiah: PVP does films on a large scale but not for the heck of it. Their films have turned out to be huge successes and I wish this film also goes on to become a big hit.

Paruchuri V Rao: Shyam Prasad Reddy identified the ‘hero’ in Anushka and made ‘Arundhathi’. We are now writing ‘Rudrama Devi’ for her and I am sure ‘Varna’ is even more exciting than our own film. I wish the film will be a great success and establish Arya with a straight market in Telugu as well. PVP is here to make tasteful movies, not just spend money.

Bandla Ganesh: PVP has grown in stature from a common man from Vijayawada to a highly regarded multinational industrialist and he has entered into the film industry just to help some great stories reach the audiences. He is about to enter politics as well and I wish him success in every endeavor of his in future. Anushka is gold and wish her a great success.

Nandini Reddy: I am a great fan of Harris Jayaraj like millions of Telugu music fans and wish the film the first straight hit for him in Telugu, Arya his first straight hit too. Prasad is not just another producer and I know his passion when I discussed with him a lot about what kind of films to be made and Anushka is as good a human being as great a star. I remember when she did every shot of hers in ‘Arundhathi’ in spite of severe back pain. She deserves every bit of the adulation she is getting. Socio Fantasy has always been a successful genre and I am looking forward to Varna too.

C Kalyan: When PVP told me the budget of the film, I asked him if it was for three films but after watching the ‘Making of Varna’ video, I can see the amounts of efforts that would have gone into the film. Anushka is a producers’ heroine and has a following on par with any hero. I was the producer of Harris’ first film. I wish the director, hero and the entire team a great success.

Dasarath: I am a fan of all the top stars in the film including Harris, director Raghav, hero Arya, producer PVP and of course, Anushka, whom you want to have back home, like a mother, a sister or a friend. Wish the film rocks the Box Office.

Dil Raju: All the best to the film unit. Melody Brahma Harris Jairaj whose music is loved by millions of music fans irrespective of the language. I call Anushka the ‘Lady Amitabh’, which was the title given to Vijaya Shanthi a decade ago but now the list of films Anushka is doing, she deserves to be that. Raghav is attempting a different genre, from the earlier sensitive films he has done. Telugu film audience are special coz they embrace a good film, irrespective of the language it is originally from and Varna will be a hit too.

Vamsy Paidipally: Its an honor to be standing in front of such an acclaimed team of film professionals Raghava, Harris, Arya, PVP and of course, Anushka. These are all very good human beings too and I wish them all the best.

Lagadapati Sridhar: My best wishes to the whole team whom I am a huge fan, especially he director Raghava, Lady superstar Anushka and the producer PVP.

Sarath Marar: I see a very vibrant team behind the producer PVP who is a man driving and inspiring passion into everyone and I wish the team and the movie a great success.

Srikanth Addala: I wish the film a huge success for several erasons but the first being PVP. Then Anushka, with whom I had limited but interesting interactions, she is a friendly person. Harris and Arya coz the film is very important for them. But the most important reason is, the director Ragahva whose 7GBC was like a reference manual for me when I did my first film.

Overwhelmed To Be Received With Love By Telugu Fans: Hero Arya

It’s an honor to be here as a part of Telugu fraternity and amazed to see the following Tamil heroes have here. I thank PVP for the magnum opus, Selva Raghava for the fantastic character and Anushka, for being one of the greatest co-stars.

Hats Off To Sri Raghava: Chandra Bose

I wrote all the songs and proud to be on board for this fantastic film. I especially thank the director Raghava for his support in arriving at the right expression.

Have A Great Bond With Telugu Audience: Harris Jairaj

Love to be a part of the film. I thank my director for the fantastic script, PVP for the free hand, Anirudh who scored the BG for the film, Arya and Anushka who made the songs more beautiful on screen and last but not the least, my Telugu fans who take my music to a new level.

Varna Will Set A New Precedent: Sri Raghava

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